What's so good about Seaweed ?

When I was first introduced to seaweed as food, I thought it was just a useful food for holding the rice and fillings of my sushi roll together. But did you know it is also packed full of nutrients that make it a super healthy addition to your diet?

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Oil for Thought

Oil is a kitchen staple. It is used for cooking, salad dressing, baking, and all other assorted culinary contributions. But do you really know the nitty gritty of your oil of choice?

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Kombucha has been gaining traction as a refreshing drink with many health benefits in the last few decades. It is easy to see why!

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It's getting to that time of the year again when potatoes sem to feature more heavily in our weekly meal plan. The cooler days and nights call for more comfort food and there are so many comforting ways one can cook the humble spud!  

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Simply Eggs-ellent! 

The humble egg is packed full of vitamins and nutrients and contain all the essential amino acids our bodies need in the right amounts - that surely can't be a coincidence. 

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Time for Fish in the Dish 

Sustainable Seafood Week 12 - 18 March

Well, the Marine Stewardships Council's Sustainable Seafood Week passed us by (12 - 18 March), but that doesn't mean we shouldn't still be thinking about how the seafood we eat is caught and delivered to our plates.

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Tiger Nuts 

Tiger Nuts were originally cultivated in Northern Africa. They are one of the world's oldest sources of nutrition. For early civilizations, like the Chinese and Persian, they were a food source and were used for traditional medicine. 

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Coeliac Awareness Week is 13th - 20th March 

Next week is Coeliac Awareness Week. It's likely that you have heard of coeliac disease, know someone who is coeliac, or maybe you are yourself. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness of the many ‘faces’ of coeliac disease and its wide range of symptoms and associated medical conditions. Coeliac Australia is the organisation behind the campaign, and they work all year round to support the diverse range of Australians with coeliac disease. 

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Cacao versus Cocoa

Easter is just around the corner, and so too are mountains of chocolate eggs, and sweet temptations! With New Year resolutions on the line, it is a challenging time for diets, but it is possible to have some delicious chocolatey goodness without the guilt!

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DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

Beeswax food wraps have burst onto the scene as a great way to reduce the amount of cling film used in kitchens everywhere, but who knew they were so easy to make! All you really need is a tight weave fabric, something similar to bed sheets and beeswax (both of which we have available in our store - thank you Pim)

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Back to School 

January is already coming to a close and many of our precious little ones are back to school this week! For some this is a relief, for others, it's a bittersweet change back to the old routine.

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Hemp Hemp Hooray! 

While many of us were preparing for the Christmas season, a miraculous event took place. As of 12th November 2017, low-THC Hemp was legalized in Australia for human consumption!  

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New Year Cleanse! 

Cleanses, detox programs, and weightless plans run the gamut at this time of year. We are all feeling the waistband sitting a bit more snug after the indulgent festive period. So some may be looking to cleanse the system to reset for the New Year. 

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Christmas is Almost here!

As you all know, our passion at Lettuce Deliver is very much Aussie grown, Certified Organic Fruit and Veges....but did you know we also do a whole range of other brilliant products? 

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Broth, Stock, and Bone Broth 

Broth, stock, and bone broth have come to the forefront of cooking and nutrition in recent years. From cafes serving broth in takeaway coffee cups to Sydney's first bone broth cafe in Bronte serving brothsicle and broth smoothies, it is a product that has gained a huge amount of interest.

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Oats and Groats are Great!

We all know a delicious bowl of oats is a great, healthy way to start the day. But which sort is the healthiest?

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Cherry - the juicy healer

Cherries have a long history in their use as a medicine.  

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Benalla Mushrooms 

Most veterans of Lettuce Deliver have eaten a mushroom or two from Benalla Mushrooms! Since our first produce order for our small shop in Tamarama (way back when)... Andrew's Mushies have been a must have, and it is no wonder - he is a Master Mushroom Farmer.  

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Asparagus is our Produce Special this week....

...it is a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as chromium, a trace mineral that enhances the ability of insulin to transport glucose from the bloodstream into cells. It's also full of antioxidants, and it's diuretic function is well known.

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Gut Flora and Your Health

Gastrointestinal Microbiota - this is the technical name for what some call gut flora, gastrointestinal microbes, or just good stomach bugs.  

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Sauerkraut & Kimchi  

Fermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi, have been a staple of traditional diets for centuries.  In recent years fermented foods have gained new popularity for a range of health benefits, and unique flavours.

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FODMAPs, what are they and why are people talking about them?

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Buckwheat has been getting alot of attention lately...and we are not surprised! While many people think that buckwheat is a cereal grain because of it's looks, or a wheat because of it's name, it is actually a seed of a fruit and a relative of Rhubarb. 

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Paris Creek Farm - Did you know ?

All of the cows at Paris Creek Farm are strip grazed.

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Bananas are equally popular in Western and Asian culture. Both skin and inner part can be eaten raw or cooked. Western cultures generally eat the inside raw and throw away the skin while some Asian cultures generally eat both the skin and inside cooked. 

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Did you know that eating the right foods can boost your body's ability to prevent and heal cancer?

Here's 25 foods that you can eat every day to help your body deal more effectively with cancer, and they're mostly things you're already eating.  

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Wild Caught Australian seafood from the Southern Ocean.

If you haven't tried the delicious Seafood coming from Wild South Seafoods you really are missing out. The thing we love about Wild South is that it is owned by Amy Elleway who knows her fish. She oversees everything from the catching of the fish to the packaging it arrives in. Traceability and Sustainability are at the heart of this buisiness as it is in ours. We love that you can find out which boat your fish was caught from, how it was caught and that it is 100% of Australian origin.

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Asparagus, AKA ‘Sparrow Grass” AKA “Aspar Grass” gets its English name from the Latin, which got it from the Greek, which in turn came from the Persian “Asparag” meaning shoot or sprout.

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The 5 non-negotiables for a healthy day

We all have non-negotiables in our lives, whether it is our morning coffee, a weekly massage or a night watching our favourite TV series. Its something we look forward to, something we think helps us function or even our reward to get us through a hard day

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Healthy Cooking Time-Savers

After a long day of work or study, crafting a healthy meal may not excite or delight you, but realistically, this is the time we need it most. To restore and replenish. 

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Resurrecting appliances

We had a council clean up a few months ago and I went through each room as we all do trying to remember what I needed to clear out. Clean ups always prompt me to sell things, give things away and dispose of what is not salvageable.

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Grapes are an old world fruit and have thus been used in Europe and the middle east since time immemorial. Cultivated by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians their use in the production of wine has a long and rich history.


Macadamia Nuts are Good for You!

Macadamias are a high energy food and contain no cholesterol. The natural oils in macadamias contain 78% monounsaturated fats, the highest of any oil including olive oil. Research is showing that monounsaturated fats can assist in lowering blood cholesterol levels and reduce the incidence of heart disease.


The Summer Cleanse 

As soon as we pass Christmas and New Years, most people feel like doing a detox or committing to a new year’s resolution. I’m not one for restrictive and challenging ‘diets’ just because it’s the beginning of the year, but do encourage people to do what I call ‘palate resets’.   

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Before rushing out to buy the latest exotic berry from the Himalayas it may be worth
while to reconsider our long trusted, but medicinally overlooked little blue friend.

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12 Changes for Better Health

It's the time of year when the gym gets very busy as people try to live up to their New Year's resolutions. Instead of being active for a couple of weeks and forgetting it until next year. I have developed a list of 12 changes so that at the end of the year you have made significant improvements in your health. Usually maintaining change requires at least a month, so try to really adopt this change for at least a month until it becomes part of the routine.

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We've been in SA!!

Over our Christmas/New Year Break we have mixed a little business with pleasure - visiting our friends Shane & Julie Eldridge in Murray Bridge, SA.   

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It's starting to feel alot like Christmas...

Stonefruit Galore, Fruit Mince Tarts, Gluten Free Puddings, Nougat, Shortbread Biscuits - all now available. Treat yourself to something festive this week!

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The Not-so-Humble Carrot

What can we say about a vegetable that is widely known to impart the super human qualities of being able to see in the dark? It is obviously true, because rabbits don’t wear glasses, but science has also come to the party identifying carrots as a very high source of pro-vitamin A.


Veggie-Packed Fried Rice

..and why I prefer white rice over brown rice and why I eat my rice cold.

My kids LOVE fried rice. Although I try to limit grains as much as possible in favour of more nutrient-dense foods to fill their little bellies, we still do have grains occasionally IF they are properly prepared through soaking, sprouting or fermenting.



Are you reacting to your dinner ?

If you constantly have an upset stomach, headaches or skin problems chances are you have thought about whether something you were eating was triggering your symptoms.   

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How to effortlessly introduce more fibre into your day 

Dietary fibre offers numerous benefits to health and via many health channels we are encouraged to increase our daily fibre intake. While this sounds good in theory and definitely something to aim for, how is this advice actually put into practice?

To help out, here I am discussing the ins and outs of fibre and some easy ways to effortlessly enjoy more.

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Blue Zones 

“What began as a National Geographic expedition to find the longest living cultures evolved into a recipe for living longer”.

In case you’re not familiar with it, the Blue Zones are areas of the world where people live the longest.

People in the Blue Zones reach 100 years of age at 10 times the average rate and they appear to be happier. All. Of. The. Time. 

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

So take this opportunity to focus on breast cancer and its impact on those affected by the disease in our community.

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Australian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer). Survival rates continue to improve in Australia with 89 out of every 100 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer now surviving five or more years beyond diagnosis.

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Top 7 Prebiotics – Why You Should Eat Them

Prebiotics are ‘non digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or limited number of bacteria in the colon that can improve the host’.
Prebiotics are only found in plants, mostly vegetables.  These plant fibres are not digested by us.  They make there way through our small intestine to our colon relatively unchanged. When they get to the colon they act as food that can stimulate the bacteria.  The bacteria ferment them that’s why you often hear them referred to as ‘fermentable fibres’.

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Smoothie Bowl Anyone ?

With the warmer weather finally here it's time to ditch the oats, quinoa and eggs (at least once a week) for a smoothie bowl.

All you will need is a good blender and 5 minutes.

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The Top 20 Immune Boosting Foods

Many foods have immune stimulating effects and it is easy to include them into your diet on a daily basis. Additionally, by eating organic and seasonally you can be assured that your diet will be super rich in essential vitamins and minerals. We can make a huge difference to our health by eating the right foods as food really is medicine!

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Kick Start Your Health with a Detox

Detoxification is the process used to improve the release of both internal and external toxins and repair the damage they have done. Toxins may enter our bodies through the skin (heavy metals and solvents), via the lungs (cigarette smoke, traffic smog etc), and particularly within our food and water.
All detoxification programs involve the release and elimination of toxins from various organs and cells. The toxins are eliminated through various channels such as the kidneys, skin, bowel and liver. Primarily, a detoxification program focuses on the liver and the bowel, as these are the body’s primary defence against toxins.

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Full Cream, Low Fat, Skim, Homo, Unhomo ? 

Here are some commonly used terms when it comes to describing milk... as well as some need to know information.

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Raising eco friendly kids 

Organic baby food is popular, which is great to see. But we all know raising eco friendly kids takes a lot more than simply thinking about the food baby needs. It can be tough for a new parent to navigate the information that surrounds green parenting. We don’t profess to be experts by any stretch of the imagination. We do however try to support parents raise the next generation of organic minded, eco friendly and environmentally aware kids. 

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How to ace spring time parties with Lettuce Deliver

Getting organic food delivered isn’t the only thing on our minds of late. Spring is in the air and we’re certainly feeling the warm, happy vibes.

Spring is a great time to start planning social occasions and family gatherings. We love a good party at Lettuce Deliver, so we’ve got a great bunch of tips for you to use to make your spring time fun shine.

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Get up close and personal with organic food delivery service, Lettuce Deliver

To stay ahead in the Sydney organic food delivery service, you have to listen to your customers. Lettuce Deliver has been servicing Sydney with all your organic grocery and household item needs for almost two decades. One of the ways we do this is having an open door policy with our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions via email, social media and on the phone.



Making an eco-friendly kitchen

Lettuce Deliver isn’t only a place to order organic groceries online. We also stock a wide variety of household cleaning products, aromatherapy, books and even gift hampers and organic wines. One area that isn’t so much what to

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Eating natural food products while undergoing chemotherapy  

As a business that sells natural food products, we attract customers for a variety of different reasons. One of those reasons is because of cancer. Cancer is a shock for any individual or family. It often sees ordinary people doing whatever they can to help their loved one.One such way is to review and change the household approach to diet and cleaning products. Indeed, we get quite a few emails from people with cancer in the family. Many of whom are asking about specific natural food products and the items we stock.

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Do more than buy organic groceries online: Share the love

It’s clear you do more than buy organic groceries online when you choose Lettuce Deliver. We can say that with absolute certainty now we have completed the survey.

We’ve learnt from our survey as well as time spent delivering yummy organic produce and other wonders to you all is how much of a community there is. The Lettuce Deliver team is one you regard well for customer service. You also rate the quality of our produce highly.

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And the Winner is.... 

Thank you to every single lovely Lettuce Deliver customer who answered the call of our recent survey. We really appreciate the time you have taken to help shape the future of Lettuce Deliver.

Quite sincerely, we were overwhelmed by the generous responses. Hundreds of people responded to our survey. From 18 to 80, customers of less than 6 months through to ones that have been with us in the Tamarama days have answered the call. 

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Getting kids excited by local organic food 

Choosing to convert to local organic food takes some preparation, especially if you have a family. Changing any eating habits can be tricky. It’s even tricker still when the kids are involved!

We all know different kids respond to meal times differently. And that sometimes, the healthy stuff is the hardest struggle of all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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How to buy organic food online & avoid marketing trickery

When you go to buy organic food online, you might feel a little nervous. There are a lot of food claims out there that don’t seem to match up.

One of the things we’re most proud of at Lettuce Deliver is our commitment to an honest relationship with food. When we say food is organic, we mean organic food. This is why we include labelling and information when you buy organic food online with us you may not see elsewhere.

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Don’t be so hard on your previous food choices  

At Lettuce Deliver, we meet some customers who are really (and we mean really) giving themselves a hard time about not making the switch to organic produce sooner.

In our view, any switch is a good one. No matter what triggered the change or how you ate before, there’s no point in beating yourself up about prior eating habits.

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Fighting the flu season with simple organic foods

July brings with it cold, wet and dreary weather. It also brings its fair share of chills, colds and flus. But did you know simple organic foods can help ward off colds and flu?

One of the best ways to get back on track when you are a little under the weather is to eat yourself to health. While food may not be the most appealing idea when you’re suffering a cold or flu, there are some simple foods and tricks you can use.

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Is Organic Food worth the trouble?

Yes, we work in organic food delivery. So yes, every so often someone will pipe up to say that organic food isn’t worth the trouble. They’ll argue we need to face that with a growing population, we need to rely on high density farming, GMO and pesticides to survive. Or that organic food is downright mythical, like a unicorn.

But what is the truth behind organic food and why should we as consumers try to do our best to support organic?

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Fighting Inflammation with Food

At Lettuce Deliver, we’re a big believer in food as medicine. When you think about it, it makes total sense that the fuel you put in your body can and does influence you health outcomes. As the old adage proclaims “you are what you eat”.

One of the things we often see when it gets cooler is the rise of arthritis, stiffer movement and inflammation. And as we enter the cooler months, we thought it might be a good time to look at eating for better health during winter.

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Tips for changing your family eating habits

Healthy food habits don’t happen overnight. Organic food shopping can be quite overwhelming when you first begin your transition. Indeed, changing any form of eating habit can be difficult. This is especially true if you’re looking to overhaul your approach to food and retrain your habits.

But with a bit of encouragement and some nifty ideas, you can be changing your food habits and loving organic food shopping in no time.

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