This report was updated on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 for deliveries 27th -  30th October 2014.

Deliveries Monday - Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • ...and it's time for us to give the apples a miss, all but the Sundowner from Don Edwards. We discarded more fruit this week than we could use....Sundowner are a red apple with yellowy/green marks on the skin. Flavour is sweet and flesh is still firm. Now back to this week....I am worried about the Apples we have sent out on deliveries and whether or not they will arrive at your place in a condition you would expect from us. Being stored in coolrooms with a constant temperature for so long, can on change of temperature send fruit literally droopy, wrinkly and/or rotten before your eyes. As many veterans of Lettuce know, this time of year always prompts a note from us regarding 'fresh fruit' or lack of it....the reality is that we are sending you out 'old fruit' and this is the case for most of the Winter fruits. There is window of time these fruits are ready to be picked...they are taken off the trees and then stored in coolrooms until the kitty is empty. Obviously as time moves on, these fruits are ageing...and with no post harvest spraying to prolong life or looks...the fruit becomes 'older' with every day that passes. We are very conscious of the quality of the goodies we supply you. Every fresh item is handled by 2 staff members upon packing who are checking for any quality rest assured it is not in our interest to send out produce that we know you would not be happy with as we offer a 'quality guarantee'. We do not like to think that anything we have sent to you ends up straight in the compost. We are very transparent about the quality of our produce and welcome your feedback - both good and bad....In saying that it's no secret the Winter Fruit is on it's last legs. Any major problems please lettuce know. Remember that all Winter fruits need to be stored in the fridge. As a result of the increasingly limited variety in fruit the seasonal boxes seem a little heavy in the veg department with good reason....Know what to expect.

  • Did I say Mangoes from NT would be available this week ? Booboom. Sharmaine has confirmed today that the fruit is simply not ready. Even though we are all hanging out for the Mango season to start, it is much better for the fruit to remain on the trees, rather than us having them on our kitchen benches watching them ripen over the next 3 weeks. So, fingers crossed Monday the 3rd of November will see their arrival.

  • ....Hang in there, it won't be long before our Fruit bowls are overflowing with Summer Fruits. Until then, can I highly recommend the Seedless Watermelon coming from Boruca Farm - now $5.50 per kilo and the Blueberries coming from Hilltop - now $10.00 - Treat yourself ! New Zealand Kiwifruit were also fantastic this week as were the Avos and of course our glamour (and exclusive) supply of Cavendish Bananas from Maurice Franklin. 

  • Pim's Strawberry season is slowly, but surely coming to an end...the good news is that Fred Rowdowsky has started his Victorian season and so fruit will be a mixture of supply this week. Pim's Salad Mix and Shallots have been great.

  • Fruitlands in WA have finally opened their coolrooms ! Packham Pears back on the menu. Careful - $16.00 per kilo ! Ouch ! Honey Mercott Mandarins are also making a re-appearance....these are Second Grade fruit, so may have skin damage or be an odd shape. Only $5.00 per kilo. Minimum purchase 1kg.

  • WARNING - Cauliflower's will be even smaller this that makes them absolutely incy wincy ! QLD season is completely finished and the Victorian/New South Wales season is yet to start. Considering so many of you use this item for medicine, we have started begging for even the smallest formed heads via spot picking. This type of farming is obviously not sustainable as it is very time consuming for growers and this tiny little head, will in a few weeks be a big we will be paying the potential price for the Cauli. Only for those who can't be without.

  • Green Cabbage will now come from Wisemans and have a little cone head...this is because the veg is wanting to go to seed...essentially this involves the middle of the cabbage thickening and then opening at the top to release the seeds for the next crop....sometimes when this happens the inner leaves can develop in a strange formation. Don't let this put you off as the leaves themselves taste the same...

  • Jo's pick in the lettuce this week is again - Cos. This weather has been excellent for our locally grown greens - all varieties fantastic.

  • Drum roll please...Shane's Baby Lebanese Cucumber back on the list this week. Ruby will be ecstatic !

  • Sorry about the lack of Sweet Potato this week. Things are still looking a little worrying for deliveries starting Monday the 27th...At this stage we will have some Sweet Potato, but the exact quantity is unknown. It looks as though we will all be on rations again this week.   

  • Locally grown Basil back on the menu this week from Paul Cremona. Bunches are young, hence short this week.

  • ...and after recommending Roma Tomatoes, we received less than 4 boxes to fill all our orders. Sorry for the bum steer everyone....I hope the Truss worked at your end...thankfully they were magnificent. Can I direct you to Roma again this week... or Truss of course. 

  • The quality of the QLD Celery has been quite disappointing. Can I steer you away from Celery at the moment unless it is a 'must have' item. There are so many other fantastic veges available - Baby Veg from Rachel,  Red Capsicum from Shane, Snowpeas from Euro, Sugar Snap from Borderland, Mini Roma Cherry Tomatoes from Flipper, Garden Peas from Tim Hamilton, Eggplant from Lowood, Beans from Cohen and Mahaffey, New season Gold & Spanish Onions, Italian Garlic, Kohl Rabi and Daicon Bunches from Bagnall, Carrots from Arahura, Scottish Kale and Silverbeet from Charlie and Tumeric from Nicholson have been excellent.

  • Produce special this week is Lebanese Cucumber from The Rack Shack in NSW only $10.00 per kilo.