This report was updated on Wednesday 15th October 2014 for deliveries 20th -  23rd October 2014.

Deliveries Monday - Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • ...and that's it for Forest Orchard Apples : ( The last of Graeme & Fiona's Fuji's have arrived to you this week. So, from here on in, things are grim. As many of you know, the Apples have now been off the trees for some time and coming out of cold storage, the fruit literally shrivels on change of temperature. So crunchy apples in general are now off the menu. Fuji's will be available for one more week from Chris Steinholt in Tassie, Gala will continue for a few weeks from EB in Tassie, Grannies (although now displaying some discoloration) from The Newton Brothers in WA as well as Sundowner from Edwards in VIC will remain available. The pick of these is definitely the Sundowner...a smallish reddy/green apple. Remember that all Winter Fruits require refrigeration at your end...especially Juicing Apples, which are now requiring attention at your end. Small bruises and nick marks are now developing into full blown sores at a very fast rate and so may need little pieces cut out of them. New apple season will begin again in January/February from McMahon in Pozieres, QLD.

  • Did I say the available Winter fruit list was shrinking last week ? Well this week, with the exit of Mandarins and Nashi Pears the list is looking very skinny indeed ! Thankfully we have been able to secure the last of the Navel Oranges - Lane Navel from Wayne they will remain on the list for one more week....we will also change Navel Oranges to a kilo price this week as the sizing will be so varied. Keep in mind with prices per kilo, we are more able to accommodate requests for sizing. If you do not make a note about size we will assume you prefer small fruit which has always been our preferred size. Brace yourself everyone...Moving from very ripe, low acidic Navel Oranges to new season Valencia Oranges is always quite a shock to the system. Sorry everyone, nothing in the middle this week. Navels need to be stored in the fridge, while the Valencia's need to be in the fruit bowl. For those making your own fresh orange juice – a combination of Valencia and Navel is delicious !

  • Hang in there...It won't be long before our fruit bowls are overflowing again. In fact, Sharmaine has confirmed today that she will begin picking her KP Mangoes on Monday - woohoo !! That means mangoes will be available week starting Monday the 27th. Cherries will start late November/early December, followed by stonefruit in November/December...It won't be long.....but for now....this really is the hardest time of the year for all of us eating Organic Fruit ! The next few weeks will be tough...Winter varieties are certainly past their best and the Summer fruit season is still a few weeks away. Deciding on the fruit going into the Seasonal Boxes at this time of the year literally has my hands shaking....the items we would like to supply are out of reach in terms of pricing and the fruit we can put in is hardly the best we have seen.   

  • The good news is that the Summer fruits are starting to trickle in ...The early Seedless Watermelon from Boruca Farm was outstanding this week, a huge relief for all of us considering organic melons can be so hit and miss...and at $6.20 per kilo, I literally said a little prayer as I cut the first melon. Relief came quickly. Highly recommended this week. Blueberries from Hilltop have also been amazing - treat yourself. Volumes have slightly increased, so $12.00 per punnet this week.

  • Our long awaited supply of Cavendish Bananas from Maurice Franklin is finally back on track. Yeehah. Small fruit as we like. Keep in mind that Bananas have now moved to Summer Ripening methods which generally results in the fruit arriving to us on the greener side.

  • Strawberries from Pim are heading to the exit door. Expected quantities for next week are less than half of what we received this week. Remember that end of season berries are a little more seeded than usual and should be an 'eat first' item as they will only last a few days in the fridge. Pim's Salad Mix & Shallots have been usual !

  • Our locally grown greens are looking good but a little wet let's can I suggest double washing this week.  Grit in your greens can really ruin a great meal. Jo's pick in the lettuce is Cos this week...a quick heads up that heavy rain can flatten soft lettuce there is a good chance that our Butter, Green & Red Oak as well as Minuette may look more like a pancake than a pom pom...Know what to expect.

  • Paul's English Spinach season has come to an end this week. We will now look to Coolibah Herbs to supply our needs. Bunches have been soft and a very good size. Don't forget to remove the elastic band as well as any damaged leaves before storing in the fridge in an airtight container or peak fresh bag. Paul's Mixed Herb bunches on special this week - $2.50

  • Rachel's Baby Veg has been outstanding and so well received at our end that we have completely wiped out the Baby Rainbow Chard Leaves...hence a one week gap in well as Baby Red Russian Kale Leaves resulting in a 2 week gap in supply.

  • Charlie has asked for Silverbeet to be put on the menu this week ! With a heap ready for the picking over the weekend - only $3.60 per bunch this week. 

  • Fresh Tumeric (or Turmeric) from Nicholson has been sensational. With amazing health benefits we should all be eating this root veg. Try grated in a salad, Grated in Rice while cooking to turn it a golden colour, Squeeze as you would Ginger to produce Tumeric can use in smoothies, soups etc....The internet has a thousand other uses for this amazing spice.

  • Cauliflower and Broccoli is in extremely short supply...Cauli's are tiny for the price and Broc has some open flowerettes on the heads due to demand far outweighing supply at the moment. Know what to expect.

  • ...thinking about shortages - Tomatoes are also coming to mind. In fact, they have been a huge worry at this end for quite a few weeks. With co-operative trading with our Suppliers for a period extending over 15 years we have not been without fruit...but as many of you know this week we have supplied some fruit that has sun damage...this results in what looks a bit like firm cellulite on the skin which is often an orange colour. Theoretically this damage is only skin deep, any major probs please lettuce know. We stand firmly behind our quality guarantee and do not like to think that anything we have sent you ends up straight in the compost. Can I suggest Roma Tomatoes this week from The Rack Shack, quality was very good this week.  

  • The quality of the QLD Celery has been quite disappointing. Can I steer you away from Celery at the moment unless it is a 'must have' item. There are so many other fantastic veges available - Beans, Snowpeas, Sugar Snap Peas, Garden Peas, Rainbow Chard, New season Gold & Spanish Onions (there is a huge range in size - lettuce know if you have a preference for big or small), Jap Pumpkin, Eggplant & Zucchini from Silverado, Leeks, Carrots, Lebanese Cucumber, Red Capsicum and Mini Roma Cherry Tomatoes have been great. White Salad Onions available this week from Allambie.

  • Produce special this week is Lebanese Cucumber from The Rack Shack in NSW only $10.00 per kilo.