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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 for deliveries 27th - 30th March 2017

Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply. 
Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Sunday. 
Thursday Delivery: Order by 9.30am Monday.
Some things are worth the wait !

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : )










PRODUCE SPECIAL : Radiance Plums - 1kg or more - $7.50 per kilo. Coming from Green Gables in Kingsvale, NSW.  

GROCERY SPECIAL : O for Organic - Bone Broth - Beef (500ml) $11.65 each...usually $15.50 each
O for Organic broth is made from Australian certified organic grass fed and pasture raised beef. The broth is slowly simmered over a period of 18 hours to extract maximum nutrients and minerals from the bones. The broth contains beef marrow bones, making it high in gelatin and rich in flavour.



  • It's hard to believe (or is it with all this wet weather)...that Winter is just around the corner ! Change of season always presents some problems with fruit on its way off the list...We have had a few random problems with White Nectarines over the last few weeks - not enough to give them a miss....but enough to suggest you don't cut them up for lunchboxes....being right at the end of the season the exposed flesh is turning a shade of brown very quickly. It is likely that this will be the last time we offer Nectarines this season. Peaches on the other hand from Green Gables will continue for a few more weeks due to their later start....I'm sure you will all agree the flavour has been superb. Yum - they are pricey I know, but worth it! 
  • Valencia Oranges have certainly seen better days...and being off the trees for so long, we are now seeing some fairly spongy to the touch fruit - but flavour is still excellent. Know what to expect. The good news is that Bonita and Les Darrow will begin to pick their early Navelina within the next few weeks....Aussie Kiwifruit and Imperial Mandarins aren't far off either !  
  • Plums, like Blueberries are also approaching end of season and ripening very quickly under the right conditions, so keep an eye on them. Both will finish up in the next 2 weeks or so.  
  • The good news is that Winter fruits, which have started with the Apples and Pears have been great....Graeme's Gala although a little aesthetically challenged this year are absolutely delicious. Golden and Jonathon are the next cabs off the rank and will be available soon...both also displaying some skin marks due the incredible amount of rain they endured during a critical moment of development. For anyone wanting clean skinned apples this year it is best you look to fruit from Mal McMahon including Fuji and Granny this week.  
  • All varieties of Grapes are still great. Please keep in mind that tightly clustered varieties like Crimson present some soft/wrinkly grapes each season. It is really unusual that you are able to eat every single grape on a bunch, also as we move to the end of the grape season you may notice a few more grapes on the bunch that have begun to deteriorate. Check your bunch on arrival and remove any damaged grapes before storing in the fridge. Could I suggest pulling the grapes off the bunch on arrival and then storing in a airtight container in the fridge...this way the kids (big and small) can just pour them into a bowl without actually having to check out which are good or not so good... Dawn Seedless Grapes will now be replaced with Sultana - Yum! Green, Seedless and Super Sweet from Robinvale Wines. 
  • Cavendish Bananas (on grower special this week - $5.00 per kilo), Mangosteens, Rhubarb, Passionfruit, Strawberries, Custard Apples, Pears - all varieties (Bosc now also available from Greenwood), Lemons, Finger limes and Paw Paw were great this week.
  • Considering the downpour our local growers have been experiencing I would like to pre-warn everyone about the likelihood of our locally grown lettuce being a little dirtier than usual. Remember it is best to wash any soft greens just before use....but all should be inspected on arrival for any damaged leaves which should be removed before storing in the fridge. Jo's pick in the lettuce this week is Mini Cos although he is highly recommending Salad Mix from Pim : ) 
  • Charlie's farm is also really struggling with the fact there will be no Asian Greens (Bok Choy, Pak Choy, Choy Sum) or Silverbeet this week....What Charlie doe have that is fantastic is Corn - our produce Special this week - only $0.90 each. Try making a Corn Salsa this week - recipe on the News Page.   
  • Victorian Cauliflower Season has started. Good news is that the heads are clean and white, bad news is that the heads are small. Know what to expect. 
  • It is approaching that time again when the Allium Family are thinking about growing again....Don't let these signs of 'coming to life' put you off.... simply cut up shoot and all ! Russian Garlic bulbs are now also beginning to split which may result in us sending you Cloves rather than whole bulbs. 
  • ...Black Garlic also available this week. The Garlic is simply Certified Organic Garlic that has been aged in an oven over a period of around a month under very strict heat and humidity conditions. This process results in tender dark coloured flesh with a texture similar to a soft fruit. It also makes the garlic skin paper thin making it really easy to peel. The taste is described as sweet meets savoury. We tried it with Cheese and Crackers and it was a big hit in our house. Apart from the amazing flavour, Black Garlic has been found to have twice the antioxidant properties of normal garlic and the best part is you don't get garlic breathe after eating ; ) . Black Garlic should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge and will last a few weeks, it can also be frozen. 
  • Asparagus, Green, Yellow & Red Capsicum, Celery, Beans, Carrots, Lebanese Cucumber, Eggplant, Snake Beans, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes - Grape in particular, Fennel & Basil was great this week. Baby Red Kale PP back on the list. 
  • Please keep in mind that we like to pick up the boxes & icepacks we supply in your orders as well as welcome the return of all other packaging material that may find it's way into your order, egg cartons, bubble wrap, plastic boxes, etc. Please leave all these goodies in your returning boxes out for our drivers to collect on your next delivery. 
  • We are experiencing a whole range of weather conditions, which can always present random problems across a whole range of produce, especially end of season summer fruits and delicate greens...Please keep in mind that we guarantee the quality of all of the produce we supply you. We hate to think that anything we have supplied you has ended up straight in the compost...but we are dealing in fresh fruit and veg and these things can happen...thankfully not often ! We have updated our website with the most up to date and accurate information available to us at this time, but due to the unpredictable weather there is of course some uncertainty with our expected supply. The good news is that we have quite a few supply options available to us and so may list a Grower on our site that does not end up supplying us goodies this week. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic fresh Fruit & Vegetables and so if the origin of the goodies we supply to you changes the organic status will not.   
  • Did you know we have Recipe Packages, also simply known as Meal Inspiration for those of us preparing dinner for the fam each evening...Head to our Meal Inspiration Page to find this week's selection of Recipe inspirations. We know you all have things in your pantry like Olive Oil so with our packages you can simply add the package to your cart and then delete any goodies you don't require. So simple ! 

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We pick up all boxes that we deliver in and ask that you keep them clean and dry for a week so that we can swap them with the empty boxes when making your next delivery....If our drivers are not picking up your empty boxes please lettuce know. The Gel pack Iceblocks that we are supplying you are also a considerable cost to our business if they are not returned as are the poly boxes. Please leave out for collection with your next order. We will also collect any packaging material we may supply you including egg cartons, plastic boxes, bubble wrap etc. - simply leave inside your returning boxes.


As you know, we charge your credit card for your delivery total on the day of or day after your delivery. Please ensure that we have your up to date credit card details and that there are sufficient funds available on the day of your delivery for us to process your payment.

Easter Goodies available this week

As with each Easter over the last few years we have decided due to a number of factors including the disruption with transport due to Good Friday & Easter Monday that we will not offer deliveries the week following the long weekend. So no deliveries week starting the 17th of April. All will be back to normal for deliveries 24th of April - 27th April.

Hot Cross Buns available this week from Bills, Healthybake, Naturis, La Tartine & Bowan Island Bakery.
Easter Eggs now available from Organic Times - limited numbers available - first in first served.