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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 25th May 2016 for deliveries 30th  May - 2nd June  2016.

Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply. 
Monday delivery: Orders accepted up until 6am Saturday.
Tuesday/Wednesday delivery: Orders accepted up until 4pm Sunday. 
Thursday Delivery: Orders by 9.30am Monday.

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : )






  • As many of you know we had problems with our internet connection at the end of last week - it has been a nerve racking introduction to the nbn...which by the way has still not fully been resolved. Thank you for bearing with us as we responded to emails days after you sent them to us.
  • Now back to produce - I'm sure you will all agree that in general the produce we have available is amazing. The cooler weather usually does present some of the best veges of the year and because it is not tooooo cold yet, pricing is quite good.
  • Strawberries from Pim did not disappoint - Delicious, Amazing, Fantastic. 2nd Quality fruit now back on the list. Coming in 500gm punnets this season, these Strawberries are simply not good enough for first quality punnets - excellent value for those us cutting up strawberries for children or ourselves : ) 
  • New season Yellow Grapefruit back on the list this week from Papa Juan. Skins still have a slight tinge of green...
  • Hass Avocado price is still right up there...The 2nd Quality fruit is much better value for money compared to the pieced fruit...there is nothing wrong with these avos, other than the fact that they may be extra small, an odd shape or have a mark on the skin.
  • Graeme's full complement of Apples are now in full swing and are fantastic as usual. As with the last few years, some of the Fuji are presenting with 'water core' - this is the kind of wet look that you can see as you move towards the seeds. It's hard to believe but....the Jonathon and Golden's are now what we consider a little 'softish' - although unless you only love a crunchy apple - don't let this put you off - the flavour of both apples has been great.
  • New season Navel Oranges have been delicious - but are still not as juicy we would expect. For this reason, we will continue to offer end of season Valencia Oranges from Carathool in NSW. Although these oranges look a little 'worse for wear' due to the extended length of time the fruit has been off the trees - they still have a good flavour and are really juicy....Keep in mind these Valencia Oranges must be stored in the fridge or you will literally see them deteriorate before your eyes if left on a bench.
  • Red Paw Paw, Limes, Pears - all varieties, Kiwifruit, Passionfruit, Bananas (still on grower special), Navel Oranges (although still on the larger side) & Mandarins have been excellent. Red Dragonfruit back on the list this week from Terry Little.
  • Cauliflower from Mt. Whitestone was amazing this week - Snow white, tightly formed and a variety that is roundish (rather than a half ball so to speak), these Cauli's look deceivingly small but when cut up are quite substantial. Order with confidence. Gary's Broccoli (now on grower special) & Cabbage - both Green & Red have also been fantastic.
  • Put Corn back on the list - coming from Pinnacle the kernels are sweet and juicy just as we like them. Do not let the colour of the husk put you off - QLD corn often arrives looking a little dry - they have simply been bathing in the QLD sun. 
  • ..QLD Beans were also fantastic this week coming from Trevor Mahaffey and David Cohen. Availability of Garden Peas has been the topic of conversation this week - at this stage it is not looking as though there will be any available for at least the next 4 - 6 weeks.
  • Brussel Sprouts from Quintin Bland in Yeltholm are good, but they do need stripping back. As with most seasons these delicate tiny cabbages often develop black spotting on the outer leaves which need to be removed before cooking.
  • The end of the Onion and Garlic season is upon us once again...this can result in the veg beginning to want to grow again under the right conditions. Store in a well ventilated, cool area of the kitchen. If your onions or garlic do start to sprout, they are still fine to eat. You can remove the sprout if you prefer, otherwise simply cut up, sprout and all ! New season will start again in September. Russian Garlic is starting to arrive in segments with some areas a little discoloured...while Italian Galrlic is looking a little ratty, but still white when peeled.   
  • Tomato availability is still very limited across the country. Some of the fruit we are supplying you from Shane is a little greener than we would usually like due to the cooler weather. These tomatoes are mature, but not ripe. Do not refrigerate. If possible leave in a closed paper bag in a warm location of the kitchen and the fruit will colour up within the next few days. Unfortunately we do sometimes see problems with tomatoes that take an extended time to ripen with sore spots that develop around the calyx. Any major problems lettuce know. Shane's Leb Cucumber (on grower special this week - only $10.00 per kilo) and Red Caps have been brilliant.   
  • With the continuing, unseasonably warm Autumn weather - Bananas, Carrots, Coriander, Flat Parsley, Curly Parsley and Broccoli are in abundant supply and on grower special this week.
  • Dutch Carrots, Salad Mix, Kale - all varieties, Rainbow Chard, Pumpkin - all varieties, Silverbeet, Baby Veg, Celery (although there are some problems with browning leaves and in some cases have the centres cut out - this is happening on farm), Lettuce - all varieties, Bok Choy, Cabbage - all varieties, Sweet Potato and Zucchini have been excellent.
  • Due to the cooler weather we are experiencing an egg and milk shortage. We will have enough of both in total numbers to supply all orders...but we may sub to a brand you have not ordered. If you are wanting the brand of eggs or milk you have ordered or nothing at all please advise. 
  • We have updated our website with the most up to date and accurate information available to us at this time, but due to weather conditions there is of course some uncertainty with our expected supply. The good news is that we have quite a few supply options available to us and so may list a Grower on our site that does not end up supplying us goodies this week. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic Fruit and Veges - so any replacements we may supply to you from other Aussie Growers will also be grown in line with the National Organic Standard. You don't have to take our word for it... Lettuce Deliver is also a Certified Organic Retailer which means that we have to be able to prove these claims at a moment's notice : )
  • We strongly recommend the use of our FREE ice packs to be delivered with your order. Just remember to keep them clean and out of the sun so that we can collect them when we drop off your next order. We also welcome the return of all other packaging material that may find it's way into your order, egg cartons, bubble wrap, plastic boxes, etc. Please leave all these goodies in your returning boxes out for our drivers to collect on your next delivery.