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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 24th September 2014 for deliveries 29th September -  2nd October 2014.

Deliveries Monday- Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • I'm sure you will all agree Pim's Strawberries were delicious this week. It's hard to believe, but the end of Pim's season is now in sight. The exact timing as we all know, will be dictated by the's not over make sure they are on your order this week.

  • ....for an extra special treat this week, you could also add a punnet of Blueberries to your order. Delicious !

  • Lemonade Fruit have also been fantastic....but really look tragic. For anyone new to Lemonade Fruit in the fridge, yes, they are the ones that could be mistaken for that lost lemon that has been hidden at the back of the fridge for 2 months. Don't let the look turn you off, flavour is great and the fruit is super juicy.

  • Don't forget that all Winter fruit should now be stored in the fridge...especially now with the warmer good are the warmer days !! Can I suggest a quick inspection of your fruit on arrival - especially 3kg bags of Navel Oranges. Being inside a plastic bag, one problematic orange can send others bad at lightning speed if trapped without ventilation.  Winter fruits include - Apples, Navel Oranges, Mandarins, Pears (which are now arriving with marked skins and wrinkling cylix), Lemons & Lemonade Fruit. If you are like us, and prefer your fruit at room temperature it is best to store in the fridge and then take what you will consume that day out of the fridge and put in a fruit bowl. This time of the year always presents a few random problems, as the Winter fruit is so close to coming to an end. Any major problems lettuce know. ....Hang in there ! This time of the year is always difficult  in terms of the availability of fruit...the good news is that Valencia Oranges, Rockmelon, Honeydew Melon and Watermelon will be back on the list within a few weeks, Kensington Pride Mangoes will start mid - late October, Cherries will begin from Brooke-Kelly and David Fairey late November/early December. Blueberries from Coffs are available now and then will drop off the list for a few weeks until the season will firmly start in November ( don't wait if you need a Blueberry fix). We may see some early Plums at the end of November, followed by early Peaches in December...and Grapes will start in early January.

  • Passionfruit season is also drawing to a close, resulting in some fruit arriving to us a little wrinkly. Sun ripened Passionfruit are delicious, you just have to see past that less than beautiful casing.

  • NZ Kiwifruit were surprisingly ripe this week. At this stage, we are told that the fruit will not be as ripe next week...

  • It is that time of the year again when the method for ripening bananas changes from Winter Ripening to Summer...hence the fruit spends less time in the ripening rooms, generally resulting in greener fruit...that is until the weather warms up and the fruit naturally ripens at a much faster speed. Unless you live beside a person growing bananas it is unlikely the bananas you are consuming have not spent at least a few days in a ripening room. Bananas are generally picked mature but green and then transported to their destination where they are subjected to a controlled amount of ethylene which is their natural ripening gas and locked away in a room (organic bananas spend time with other organic bananas) at a warm temperature to ensure all of the fruit ripen together. If the bananas were not subjected to a warm room containing ethylene they would eventually ripen...but may take up to 6 weeks to become ready to eat.... If your bananas arrive greener than you might like you can put them in a paper bag with a passionfruit, avocado or tomato which also emit ethylene that will speed up their ripening process. For bananas at the other end of the spectrum, that ripen together at a fast rate, you can refrigerate them when they are ripe to keep them for a few days...their skins will become completely black, but the flesh itself will remain delicious for a few days. A quick reminder that we have absolutely no control over the shape, size, colour...of our Smoothie bananas as they are generally rejects from large chain supply.

  • ...and Rachel's exclusive supply of Baby Veg will now include Baby Kale. Woohoo. So, this week we will be able to offer you Baby Green Russian Kale, Baby Green Curly Kale, Baby Red Russian Kale and Baby MIXED Kale in 100gm punnets. Try something new this week, the Baby Red Russian Kale has a similar flavour to Rocket. Rachel's Baby Veg has been amazing and very well received. Thank you for all your positive feedback. Super Baby Greens Mix also available this week - mix of Baby Kale varieties, Baby Beet and Turnip Leaves as well as Baby Chard Leaves. Baby, pre-washed Leaves are so convenient and easy to have in the many of you know the Baby Russian Kale we received from Coolibah this week was actually Tuscan Kale... Delicious. I think we can safely say we have the Kale Market well and truly covered. Baby Leaf and Mature Bunches now available in most varieties ! Talk about choice : ) 

  • Jo's pick in the lettuce this week is Minuette....but all varieties are fantastic.

  • Jap Pumpkin from Silverado and Ahern, Chinese Cabbage from Big River, Dandelion from Colin Gray (now in good supply - order with confidence), Eggplant & Zucchini from Silverado, Shallots and baby Silverbeet from Pim, Red Capsicum from Shane Eldridge, Lebanese Cucumber from The Rack Shack, Cauliflower from Gary Harm, fresh Tumeric from Nicholson, Asparagus from Tarcoola, All Asian Veg from Charlie Galea, Carrots from Arahura and Mini Roma Cherry Tomatoes from McClure have been excellent.

  • Produce special this week - QLD Salad Mix from Pim Mens - only $3.45 per 100gm punnet.