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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 27th August 2014 for deliveries 1st - 4th September 2014.

Deliveries Monday- Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • As with each September through December we will soon be facing the challenge of what fruit to fill our fridges with…We are entering what we call the nail-biter few months, as the quality apples, citrus and pear season will soon come to a close, while the stonefruit season is still quite a while away…Things aren’t grim yet....the Forest Orchard Apples are still really good - Fuji in particular (although some fruit is now arriving with black spot and/or minor splitting around the cylix) are the pick of the available varieties...Pears are sweet, although beginning to show their age with some wrinkling around the cylix and the citrus is still very good, but starting to look a little tired. Navel Oranges in particular are starting to look a little leathery ! For those customers who buy juicing apples for eating during the year, you will now find that you may have to cut off small sections...what were small bruises or nick marks at the beginning of the season are now full blown sores.

  • All winter fruit should now be stored in the fridge to prolong life....End of season fruit (Winter or Summer) generally ripens really quickly, so keep an eye on your fruit. For those of you who don't like eating cold fruit, it is best to store in the fridge and then each morning take out of your fridge the fruit you will eat that day....

  • ..and this truly has been a unique Strawberry season ! Just when we thought the peak of the QLD season was upon us...the sky has opened up...and literally not closed...for days...and days ! This has resulted in Pim, as well as many other QLD Growers having very few first quality berries available...but quite a few seconds ! So...800gm punnets of Second Quality Strawberries still only $11.00. These berries are fantastic for cut fruit. You could also give Strawberry Jam a whirl, or a Strawberry Milkshake, or Strawberry coolie, or freeze some cut fruit. .

  • You may or may not know, as we offer bananas at an agreed price all year round....that bananas generally are in extremely short supply...which has resulted in the availability of our Second Quality Bananas (Smoothies) being unavailable. We would expect to have them back on the list in the next month or so...

  • Hass Avocadoes, Lemonade Fruit, Cavendish Bananas, Grapefruit - both Red and Yellow, Nashi Pears, Passionfruit and Rhubarb have been great.

  • Sorry about the shortage on Beans and Rocket this week. A delay in transport resulted in the Beans arriving into Sydney late Tuesday morning...and Rocket is in extremely short supply. Beans should be fine for deliveries starting Monday the 1st of September...but we cannot be so confident with Rocket, we will do our best to share around the limited numbers available.

  • You asked us to find them....we couldn't, and so we asked Rachel to grow them for us ! I love working with Farmers who listen to what our customers want and then deliver. Locally grown Baby Beetroot Leaves in 100gm punnets as well as Baby Turnip Leaves in 100gm punnets now available. As you may or may not know both of these items are extremely good for more. Rachel will also have Baby Rainbow Chard Leaves in 100gm punnets ready for us this week.....and Baby Silverbeet Leaves in 100gm punnets as well as Baby Kale Leaves in 100gm punnets within the next few weeks....all of which will be available most weeks of the year - weather permitting. Thank you Rachel !

  • English Spinach bunches from Paul Cremona have also been excellent...but with all this rain I would like to remind everyone to inspect their bunch on arrival. Remove the elastic band which may create bruising and make sure you remove any broken or damaged leaves before storing in a peak fresh bag or airtight container.

  • New season Asparagus is only a week away from starting. 

  • As you all know, the Onion family is right at the end of the season and wanting to grown again....if any of your onions do start to sprout...simply cut the sprout out before using or eat it. Russian garlic is really showing its age with most bulbs splitting and now displaying a little discoloration. Ironically, due to lack of supply this fairly ordinary garlic is now climbing in price. Know what to expect. New season Italian Garlic is only a few weeks away from starting. 

  • Charlie's Bok Choy still in plentiful supply - $2.80 per bunch this week. Not sure what to do with Bok Choy ? Simply cut it up and soak in Soy Sauce or add to a stir fry in the last few minutes of cooking.  Charlie's Asian Greens, Fennel & Kale have also been fantastic.

  • Jo's pick in the lettuce this week is Green you can imagine with all this rain, the lettuce may be a little dirty this week. Remember to double wash at your end. There is nothing like grit in your salad ! All varieties are a great size at the moment. 

  • Celery from Mark Weier back on the list this week - pheww.

  • Mini Roma Cherry Tomatoes from McClure, Broccoli and Cauliflower from Gary & Kathy Harm, Red Capsicum from Shane Eldridge, Carrots from Arahura, Zucchini from Silverado, Baby Sweet Potato from Stannary, Corn from nature's Haven and Pinnacle, Salad Mix from Pim & Baby Spinach Pre-packs from Coolibah were fantastic this week.

  • As many of you know from past seasons, Winter tomatoes are never fantastic and certainly no comparison to full flavoured Summer fruit. We are seeing some random problems, which is not unusual for this time of the year, as it is a direct result of the fruit taking so long to ripen. Any major problems please lettuce know. Can we suggest Mini Roma Cherry Tomatoes from McClure, the quality has been superb !

  • ...and the Weekly Produce Special is here to stay. Thank you for taking the time to email us, send us photos as well as how you 'keep it simple'. Very inspiring. keep them coming and we will begin to share with the Lettuce community. This week Shallots from Pim only $3.40 per bunch.

  • It's cold and wet across the country ! Winter often presents us with shortages in supply due to cooler temps, and now we are adding some serious rainfall into the equation ! As you all know it is still quite a few days from produce actually being picked and packed for us so we are hopeful as always. It's amazing how only a few days of sunny weather can turn things fingers crossed. The good news is we have been co-operatively trading with many of our suppliers for almost 15 we are looking good, even if things are tight....but please excuse us if we are off the mark on size or supply you goodies from a Grower we had not anticipated. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic Produce.