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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 30th July 2014 for deliveries 4th - 7th August 2014.

Deliveries Monday- Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • I don't want to say it has been one of those weeks...but it has been one of those weeks ! It started with Paw Paw that arrived from Rosa with what can only be described as brown spotting. On investigation we were assured the discoloration is only skin deep...but I will not be convinced until the fruit ripens...Lettuce know if you have any problems....The Bananas were next, arriving as big as we have seen them in some time. These are the fruit we are topping up our order with through Sydney Wholesalers....At this stage Maurice Franklin still does not have enough bananas to fill all our orders. The good news is that Maurice will supply at least 90% of our banana requirements for deliveries starting Monday the 4th....Shane advised late on Friday that he would not be able to supply our Red Cap this week as the fruit had not coloured up enough. Thankfully, Kevin Black to the rescue...but in keeping with the Easter Sized Produce theme, the Capsicum - both Coloured and Red were as big and as heavy as we have ever seen them. Averaging around 360 - 390gm each, filling orders for 150gm was impossible without cutting the caps down the centre. Sorry about the overweigh at our end this week...Thankfully, Shane assures us his Caps are looking good today and will be here Monday...Coloured Caps on the other hand will still be from Kevin and will be on the larger side - Know what to expect....Rocket Pre-packs did not arrive...and so we pre-packed Rocket from Bulk Boxes...which ended up being the Wide Leaf variety from Coolibah, rather than the Wild Rocket we had indicated on our site....just in case you were questioning which variety you had actually ordered....and there were a few other little problems - it always happens around this time of the year as produce generally is in short supply and sizing of produce becomes less important due to lack of with this week now behind next week. 

  • ...and that's it for the Imperial Mandarin season, could I suggest storing this week's fruit in the fridge to prolong life...Amigo Mandarins from Howie in SA will fill the gap this week, they are also a small, loosish skinned Mandarin with very few seeds. Honey Mercott will also start in the next week or so.

  • Pears are really showing their age now with wrinkling around the cylix. Don't let this put you off - the fruit itself is still really sweet and has good texture...but they will not last outside the fridge for long, it is best to store your pears in the fridge from here on in. 

  • ..thinking of items that should be stored in the fridge...Apples are also coming to mind. Still remarkably good for being so late in the season, they will soften, or slightly wrinkle if they are left in the fruit bowl for an extended's hard to believe that another Winter fruit season is coming to an end ! 

  • Hass Avocadoes, Kiwifruit, Lemonade Fruit (although pretty ugly as usual), Navel Oranges, Passionfruit and Tangellos have been great. Black Sapote, Pomello & Sweet Limes back on the list this week

  • Baby Carrots from Arahura were fantastic this week....we have had a few random comments about bitter carrots over the last few weeks. We haven't found any ourselves...but we know that the bitterness is a result of a combination of environmental factors and can affect carrots randomly. The good news is that if you find you do have a bitter carrot, you'd never know after it has been cooked. 

  • There will now be a little gap on Leeks...Rachel decided not to grow them this year...Monika's season has finished and Foothills has a small gap in supply. 

  • ...Thinking of small gaps...Baby Lebanese Cuc are coming to mind. I know many of you will be we are. This batch was simply a trial to see if people liked the small fruit. Liked ? We have loved them ! So Shane will continue, but will need 8 - 10 weeks before supply starts again...

  • The farms of our local growers - Charlie, Jo, Paul and Rachel are literally bursting at the seams with the great weather we have been experiencing this week. Kale - all varieties have been excellent. Rainbow Chard is magnificent. Herbs are a good size. All lettuce are on the larger side and the Silverbeet has been great - $3.60 per bunch this week.  

  • As many of you know from past seasons, Winter tomatoes are never fantastic and certainly no comparison to full flavoured Summer fruit. We are seeing some random problems, which is not unusual for this time of the year, as it is a direct result of the fruit taking so long to ripen. Any problems please lettuce know. 

  • Beans from Trevor and David, Broccoli (some heads arriving with a purplish/bluish tinge), Red Cabbage and Cauliflower from Gary & Kathy Harm, Sweet Potato & Garden Peas from Ken Small, Snowpeas from Googa Farm, Lebanese Cucumber from Rack Shack & Zucchini from Nature's Haven and Mexborough have been excellent.   

  • Our Onions & Garlic are coming to life....we do our best to sort through at our end, but, the odd shooting veg can slip through the cracks…..or appear at such a rate that you are sure to see them at your end. To slow down this process store in the fridge if you have room. Don’t worry if the green shoots do appear, just cut in half and remove before use or simply eat the shoot. Russian Garlic is now showing signs of age with some cloves becoming discoloured and others arriving in segments not bulbs.....New Garlic season will start with Italian in September. 

  • Please keep in mind that indications we have on size of produce on our website may be off the mark at the of fruit & veg is always in short supply during Winter. It is unlikely we will be without stock as we have been co-operatively trading with our Growers and Suppliers for a period extending over 14 years.....but we may have sizes we do not usually want due to lack of the larger pears, caps and bananas we have supplied you over the last few weeks. 

  • We have had quite a few requests to offer a 'special' each week in terms of fresh produce as we do a grocery item. So, as you know we are guided by you and will trial until September before firmly committing. This week's special will be Collards coming from Charlie Galea in Theresa Park, NSW - bunches $3.00 this week. (To take advantage of the Special each week you must order under the SP code, this includes customers who may have a standing or INC order with Lettuce - simply send us an email or text requesting the Special to be included with your order). As with the grocery special, we hope that you may try something you otherwise would not. Keep it simple - Use a Collard Leaf as a Wrap instead of Bread. Steam, Boil, Stir fry or use in a Salad.