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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 10th February 2016 for deliveries 15th  - 18th February  2016.

Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply. 
Monday delivery: Orders accepted up until 6am Saturday.
Tuesday/Wednesday delivery: Orders accepted up until 4pm Sunday. 
Thursday Delivery: Orders by 9.30am Monday.

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : )





  • ....drum roll please, finally Fred Rowdowsky's Strawberries are back on the list ! Order with confidence.
  • Apologies for the lack of Blueberries this week, unfortunately a delay in transport has seen the Tassie fruit arrive late this morning - Wednesday :( Supply should be fine for deliveries staring Monday the 15th. A quick reminder that as we approach end of season you may find one or two softer berries in the punnet. Know what to expect. Tassie season will finish completely within the month.
  • Were you expecting Thompson Seedless Grapes this week to find we delivered Menindee?....A huge amount of rain at the end of last week wiped out the whole crop....if I could make a crying face out of letters and numbers I would slip it in here. The heavy grapes in the powerful rain were left laying on the ground - so devastating for Borderland. How quickly the tides can change. Rocissano's Menindee Grapes also received a pounding....the brown dots evident on the grapes this week are the result. Menindee will now be replaced by Sultana which are a very small green/yellow grape. Sadly, Flame and Ralli Seedless Grapes have also come to an abrupt end. The good news is they will both be replaced by the next varieties Ruby Seedless (very similar to Ralli) as well as an all time favourite at Lettuce - Crimson. These are an oval shaped grape which are super sweet and crunchy. Black Muscatelle also available this week. Please keep in mind that there may be a few bad grapes amongst your just happens especially on bunches that are tightly formed.
  • Many of you will have experienced Green Gables 'Next Level' Peaches this week - YUM ! Brenan labelled David's fruit with this description last season as the fruit was so good ....and this season is shaping up to being just as good. On Produce Special again this week - $12.00 for 1kg. Sugar & Wilson Plums as well as Zucchini & Squash are also coming from the Fairey's and are outstanding in quality. We are so lucky to have them supplying Lettuce again this year.
  • Valencia Oranges are approaching the end of the season...fruit is starting to feel a little spongy, but flavour is still good. Remember to refrigerate at your end. Know what to expect.
  • Lemons are still really scarce across the country. You could be excused for mistaking them for Limes as they are quite under ripe. The fruit will colour up very quickly if left in a warm location in your kitchen. Available fruit is expected to be the same this week - Know what to expect.
  • Fingerlimes, Gala Apples from McMahon, Passionfruit, Reed Avocadoes, Bananas, White Nectarines, Seedless Watermelon and Rockmelon have also been fantastic !
  • Locally grown Bok Choy & Pak Choy from Charlie is back on the list ... not a moment too soon. When we have to look elsewhere for supplies that our Growers supply us 90% of the year we are reminded how amazing their consistent quality is and how lucky we are to have them looking after our needs.
  • Iceberg Lettuce, as many of you know were tiny this week. Paul has asked that we give them a 2 week gap to allow them to size up and improve in the meantime can we suggest Green Oak Lettuce from Jo or Salad Mix from Pim - both have been great.
  • Paul's Radish Tops have again turned to a shade of yellow - this happens each year in the warm, wet weather. Don't let the tops put you off, the bulbs are still good. Check out our website to find out how best to store your Radish  when they get to your place.
  • ...thinking of Yellow - Cauliflower are also coming to mind. Summer Cauliflower are always small and a little rough around the edges, an off white to yellowy colour, a little rubbery and generally not as densely developed as the Winter Cauli's we love, this loose formation coupled with extreme temps can result in there being random problems with grubs etc....the good news is they have a good flavour if you can get past the uninviting appearance.
  • Beans - Round, Flat and Butter from Tim Hamilton deserve a special mention - they have been amazing, delicious, fantastic. Order with confidence.
  • Corn, Lebanese Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes from Shane (only $5.00 per punnet this week), Broccoli (although heads are a little larger than we would usually choose), Red Capsicum, Fennel, Butternut and Jap Pumpkin, Kale - all varieties (especially Baby Green Russian), Mushrooms and Silverbeet have been great.
  • As with most February's....we are experiencing a whole range of weather conditions - hot and wet being one of the worst for Growers around the country. Of course these conditions can always present random problems across a whole range of produce...Please keep in mind that we guarantee the quality of all of the produce we supply you. We hate to think that anything we have supplied you has ended up straight in the compost...but we are dealing in fresh fruit and veg and these things can happen...thankfully not often ! We have updated our website with the most up to date and accurate information available to us at this time, but due to the unpredictable weather there is of course some uncertainty with our expected supply. The good news is that we have quite a few supply options available to us and so may list a Grower on our site that does not end up supplying us goodies this week. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic fresh Fruit & Vegetables and so if the origin of the goodies we supply to you changes the organic status will not.  
  • At this time of the year, we strongly recommend the use of our free ice packs to be delivered with your order. Just remember to keep them clean and out of the sun so that we can collect them when we drop off your next order. Thinking about collection - please also leave out any other packaging material we have supplied you out for  collection with your empty boxes.