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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 26th November 2014 for deliveries 1st -  4th December 2014.

Deliveries Monday - Wednesday: Order by 4pm Friday for Priority Supply
Orders for Monday delivery accepted up until 6am Saturday
Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday delivery accepted up until 4pm Sunday
Deliveries Thursday: Order by 9.30am Monday
  • Generally, the fruit was fantastic this week. Seedless Watermelon, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots - all delicious. Keep in mind that the stonefruit is arriving on the firm side and this is generally how we like delivering your Summer fruits, it gives them a much better chance of arriving in one piece. For those of you who like to eat your Stonefruit with a crunch, simply store in the fridge...and for those of you who like your fruit soft and juicy simply leave at room temperature for a few days to ripen. First varieties of Peaches & Nectarines often present open seeds....not really a problem, but certainly a shock if you are not expecting it while eating. Early Peaches also usually become a little wrinkly on their way to being super ripe - don't let this put you off - the flavour is excellent for being so early in the season....and keep an eye on your Apricots - they go from being firm to super soft at a very fast rate in warm weather.

  • Cherries deserve a special mention - Yum. Make sure they are on the top of your fruit list this week....Rons are ready for the picking. This variety rarely disappoints as they are such a big, meaty Cherry...Treat yourself. David Fairey has confirmed today that he will begin his supply of Vans and Rons week starting Monday the 8th December.

  • Kensington Pride Mangoes were also great this week....although...some of the fruit is developing 'black spot' around the cylix (spot they were attached to the tree) as they ripen....These spots are generally only skin deep and are a result of a set of weather conditions at the time the fruit is in saying that - we see them most seasons....Conventionally, mangoes can be subjected to some fairly heavy chemicals to prevent this spotting, but obviously Organic mangoes are not. Get your hands dirty and munch into a mango this week. You will not be disappointed.

  • Lemons will again be on the ugly fact some of the first quality fruit could easily be mistaken for second quality fruit...Know what to expect. Supply is extremely limited and what might be graded out at another time of the year is now finding their way into first grade boxes....this has also been the case with Cauliflower and Broccoli over the last month or so, demand is far outweighing supply which can result in some lesser quality heads finding their way into the boxes. In saying that supply should increase over the next few weeks. As many veterans of Lettuce know Broccoli on change of season (and variety) during change over can arrive with fairly open flowerettes...this makes the head look kind of loose and fluffy. Adding to the Broccoli focus is that some of the heads have quite a purply tinge. Don't forget that the Broccoli stem can also be eaten. It has quite a woody outer layer, so simply peel this off with a potato peeler and then cook as you would the Flowerettes. We cut ours into discs. A favourite in our home.

  • Apples...are right at the end of the season and now only for those who can't be without. The fruit has been off the trees and stored in coolrooms for so long that on change of temperature they are deteriorating at an alarming rate. We discarded more Pink Ladies than we were able to put in orders this week which is our queue to exit the scene. We will continue to offer Juicing Apples (for Juicing), Granny Smiths (for medicine) and Gala (for eating), but please know what to expect. Very ordinary Apples ! Juicers will require tidying at your end with knick marks now developing into full blown sores, the Grannies may display discoloured skins and the Gala are a little soft and floury. We know Apples are a staple in most homes, but can I suggest you look for a replacement this week....For those of you who do order apples this week, keep in mind that they must be stored in the fridge or you will literally see them begin to wrinkle...Lemons, Grapefruit, Valencia Oranges and Kiwifruit should also be kept in your fridge. New Apple season will begin in January/February with Early Gala from McMahon in Pozieres.

  • Gary & Kathy Harm have now started their glamour Rockmelon & Honeydew season. Order with confidence.

  • It is so nice to have Summer fruits back on the list...but generally speaking the prices are still on the higher end of the spectrum, so we all need to focus on quality rather than quantity, especially for those customers ordering a seasonal box. We always get emails and calls at this time of the year noting that customers feel their boxes are smaller than usual. Essentially they are ! Early Stonefruit season is difficult for all of us in terms of pricing which results in orders feeling lighter than usual for a similar price.

  • ...and that's it for Pim's Strawberries ! I'm sure you will all agree that it has been a good season. We will now look to Handasyde and Rowdowsky to supply our berries.

  • Jo has been in touch today to lettuce know that his farm has received quite a beating this week with a storm on Sunday night. Lettuce are looking a little flat and dirty as you might expect. Double wash this week everyone. There is nothing like grit in your salad !! Jo's pick is Mini Cos, which is amazingly in plentiful supply....Grower special this week $2.20 each.

  • Charlie has also been in touch wanting us to pull Bok Choy from the list as the bunches are very young. We know that this is also a line that many of you are relying Charlie will supply....but bunches will be on the small and young side. Charlie will also begin picking his glamour Basil this week.

  • Beans.....are struggling in the QLD heat. The good news is that Shane has been trialling some Beans at his place. These beans are the Jade variety - which are light green in colour.

  • You may notice over the next few weeks that there is a whitish powder visible on some of the Coloured & Green Capsicum coming from Russell Pitt (Mexborough) in Bundaberg....this can be mistaken as mould due to the colouring ! The powder on the cap is Uniman Talc which is an edible mineral, allowed under the National Organic Standard 9.2.1. The powder is used to stop sunburn on the Capsicum and should wash straight off. Did you know that Red Cap are fully ripe Green Capsicum...on the way to becoming Red, many cap are lost along the way which is the reason Red Capsicum prices are generally so high.

  • It's that time of the year again when QLD potatoes want to grow again because of the warmer weather...hence under the right conditions you may begin to see a potato developing a sprout. Simply flick them off. If you have the room store your spuds in your fridge to stop the sprout from developing.

  • Unfortunately we will now see a gap on Celery for at least the next 2 - 3 weeks as we await Helps Rd as well as Edwards to start their Southern crops.

  • Like fruit, Vegetables in general have also been excellent …. Baby Veges from Rachel, Cherry Tomatoes from McClure and Eldridge, Green Curly Kale from Charlie Galea, Lebanese Eggplant from Coochin Hill (Julia also has Green Chillies available this week), Jap Pumpkin from Mangoes R Us, Baby Leb Cucumber & Roma Tomatoes (pick in the tomatoes) from Shane Eldridge, Salad Mix from Pim, Zucchini from Nature's Haven & Carrots from Arahura have all been stand outs.

  • Only  4 more deliveries until Christmas !

  • Produce special this week is Cherries coming from Brooke - Kelly in NSW - $18.00 for a 1kg box. Enjoy !