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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 18th November 2015 for deliveries 23rd  - 26th November  2015.

Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply. 
Monday delivery: Orders accepted up until 6am Saturday.
Tuesday/Wednesday delivery: Orders accepted up until 4pm Sunday. 
Thursday Delivery: Orders by 9.30am Monday.

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : ) 






  • ...only 5 more deliveries before the Christmas Break !!! Woowiieee...A quick note to all of those customers who send our beautiful Hampers to their colleagues, associates, friends and family each year. Fresh new Hamper ideas will be on offer next week. For multi orders to be delivered Christmas week, could you please have your orders to us asap so we can start getting stock organised. Keep in mind we can also make custom hampers, so if you have something special in mind lettuce know and we can get a few options available for you to choose from. As with each Christmas/New Year we will be taking a short break...Last deliveries will be made Monday the 21st - Thursday the 24th. First deliveries of 2016 will be made week starting Monday the 11th of January.
  • Summer fruits have quickly moved from a trickle to a steady stream...but are still holding high prices - demand is still far outweighing supply. This is likely to be the case for at least the next 2 weeks until there is competition for the Sydney until then, we all need to focus on quality rather than quantity...especially for those customers who are ordering a seasonal box. We always get emails and calls at this time of the year noting that customers feel their boxes are smaller than usual. Well essentially they are ! November is difficult for all of us in terms of pricing which results in Seasonal Boxes feeling light on as there is less volume due to high pricing....Treat yourself. White & Yellow Peaches, White & Yellow Nectarines, Mangoes, Apricots, Rockmelon, Summer Strawberries & Blueberries were fantastic this week....but I am worried about your Cherries. If possible make a 'use first' item - picked in pouring rain over the weekend, the Cherries were softer to the touch than we would like and may not last as long as you would expect. Any major problems lettuce know.
  • Keep in mind that we generally try to supply all our stonefruit to you firm so that they arrive at your end in the best possible condition. For those of you who like your Peaches and Nectarines with in the fridge...and for those of you who like your fruit soft and juicy simply leave at room temperature for a few days to ripen. With temps in the high 30's over the next few days, keep an eye on your fruit as super firm stonefruit can ripen at lightning speed. Early peaches are always a challenge as they often wrinkle as they ripen. Don't let this put you off - flavour is excellent. We have already come across quite a few Peaches this season that have a split stone. This is not a problem if you are semi - expecting it, but can be quite a shock if you are caught off guard with part of the seed in your mouth. 
  • As usual, we have already seen a few mangoes displaying 'black spot' ....these little black circles usually present themselves around the cyxlic (part they were attached to the tree) when the fruit is ripe.....and are a direct result of unfavourable weather at the point the fruit is setting....which happens to some extent every year. Generally the spot is only skin deep. Conventional mangoes can be subjected to some fairly heavy duty chemicals to prevent this spotting, but obviously Organic mangoes are not.
  • We have been having quite a few problems with end of season Lemons turning soon after delivery. Remember, all end of season Winter fruit (also including Apples and Pears) needs to be stored in the fridge as soon as possible after delivery. It is time for us to give some of the Apple varieties (Fuji from Mock now the pick of the available Apples) away as well as Nashi Pears as we have discarded as many as we have been able to use this week. We would also like to flick Packham Pears as the quality has deteriorated so much over the last few weeks, but know that many of you are using them for medicine. Now only for those who can't be without - Skins are discolouring at a very fast rate and most are now wrinkled around the cylix.
    This week many of the first grade Lemons (now coming from Mount Gayndah) arrived with fairly obvious rub marks - these are only skin deep, but ugly none-the-less, in fact some could easily have been mistaken for second quality fruit...Know what to expect. Supply is extremely limited and what might be graded out at another time of the year is now finding their way into first grade boxes.  
  • Sorry about the lack of Green Russian Kale this week. Jo felt his bunches were too holey - the insects love Dinosaur Kale at this time of year. Your outcry has been heard and Jo will pick for us this week.....but know what to expect. We could rename to Swiss Kale as there are so many holes in the leaves. You'd never know once cooked or blended !
  • Unfortunately Snowpeas and Sugar Snap Peas were a casualty of the VIC rains over the weekend. Sugar Snap will not be available for at least 2 weeks, while Snowpeas are back on the list from Shane this week.
  • As many of you know, Shane has not been able to meet our needs on Red Caps for quite a few weeks now, which has resulted in us topping up supply with fruit from Russell Pitt in QLD. For those who buy Shane's Red Caps each week of the year, the difference between the look and taste of these caps is very obvious. Hang in there. Shane's supply is steadily increasing and within the month should be back in full swing. Until then, you may notice that there is a whitish powder visible on some of the Red, Coloured & Green capsicum coming from Russell....this can be mistaken as mould due to the colouring ! The powder on the cap is Uniman Talc which is an edible mineral, allowed under the National Organic Standard 9.2.1. The powder is used to stop sunburn on the Capsicum and should wash straight off. Did you know that Red Cap are fully ripe Green Capsicum...on the way to becoming Red, many cap are lost along the way which is the reason Red Capsicum prices are generally so high.
  • It's that time of the year again when QLD potatoes want to grow again because of the warmer weather...hence under the right conditions you may begin to see a potato developing a sprout. Simply flick them off. If you have the room store your spuds in your fridge to stop the sprout from developing.
  • Vegetables in general have been fantastic ….Silverbeet (still on Grower Special - $3.60 per bunch), Dandelion, Dutch Carrots, Celeriac, English Cucumber, Salad Mix, Shallots, Asparagus (back to $3.00 per bunch), Broccolini (on Produce Special this week - $4.00 per bunch), Herbs - Flat & Curly Parsley as well as Coriander (all only $2.40 per bunch), Lebanese Cucumber, Carrots, from Arahura and Zucchini have been excellent.
  • Many of you will have noticed that some of the meat we have supplied you over the last few weeks is labelled Nicholson's Organic Farm Fresh Meats or Shoulder to Shank. The reason for this change is not because we have a new supplier, but simply because Robert Nicholson who has previous to now traded under the label Cleaver's Farm Fresh is rebranding. The meat we offer you at Lettuce Deliver is cut to order and then frozen immediately by Robert himself or one of his small team of skilled Butchers. The meat itself has not changed. 
  • Please excuse us if  the indications we have on size of produce on our website is off the mark at the moment, or we supply you from a Grower that is different to the one we have listed on our site..... The end of the Winter fruit season and early stonefruit can presents us with some unexpected sizes. Not to mention the unpredictable Spring weather can always throw a spanner in the works with supply....especially this week with the extreme temps expected across the country over the next few days. We have updated our website today with the most up-to-date and accurate  information about what will be available for next week's deliveries...but it is Wednesday and there are quite a few days before we will actually see the produce we are selling to you.  Rest assured we only deal in CERTIFIED ORGANIC fresh produce....that is, produce that has been independently audited to ensure that it is grown in line with the National Standard for Organic Production. Lettuce Deliver is also independently audited to ensure we are selling Certified Organic Produce. We are Certified with NASAA...and can proudly produce an audit trail on all our produce at a moment's notice.