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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 for deliveries 27th - 30th April 2015.

Monday - Wednesday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply.
Monday delivery: Orders accepted up until 6am Saturday.
Tuesday/Wednesday delivery: Orders accepted up until 4pm Sunday.
Thursday Delivery: Orders by 9.30am Monday.

  • To state the obvious, it's raining...bucketing in some areas....which can make picking and delivering produce a little difficult. Our local growers are literally wading through their farms today to pick our greens for Thursday deliveries !! No-one is too worried yet, as we do need the rain...but there is rain and then there is rain. We have updated our site today with the most current and accurate information provided to us...but the actual picking of our veges is still quite a few days away from happening...and a lot can happen between now and then ! The good news is that we have quite a few options available to us and so may end up replacing produce with goodies from Farms we are not anticipating at this point. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic Fruit and Veges - so any replacements we may supply to you from other Aussie Growers will also be grown in line with the National Organic Standard. You don't have to take our word for it... Lettuce Deliver is also a Certified Organic Retailer which means that we have to be able to prove these claims at a moment's notice : ) Speaking to Jo and Rachel today who are looking at their greens underwater, it is hard to know now the extent of any damage that may occur. For lettuce in particular we may not end up with exactly the numbers we are after. Please lettuce know if you are wanting only the lettuce you order or nothing at all. Can I suggest a Salad Mix from Pim ?
  • The first of Imperial Mandarins from Mount Gayndah did not disappoint....I must say Ruby was ecstatic to find mandarins in our box and immediately started peeling....while Ben, who had also dived straight in for a mandi complained about the skins being too tight....The skins will loosen as we move further into the season...The good news was that the fruit had a good flavour and will sweeten with each passing week and there were very few seeds. Price is still holding as there is no competition for the Sydney Market...another week or so, should see other Growers start their season, and the price come down. Bonita & Les will also begin to pick their early Navelina's in the next week or two...Until then we can only offer you very late season Valencia's from Fatgoose. Flavour is still remarkably good, although the fruit itself is starting to look a little sad with what can only be described as spongy skins. Remember to refrigerate your Oranges as soon as possible, if left at room temperature the oranges will deteriorate at a very fast rate.
  • ..thinking of fast rate, Plums are coming to mind. We discarded as much fruit as we supplied you this week as the fruit was soooo ripe ! Thankfully David Fairey has been in touch to lettuce know that he has Royson Plums available this week. Red Skin with bright yellow flesh...For those of you who have received Blood and/or October Sun Plums this week, make sure you store in the fridge and make a 'use first' item. We will also offer Pink Lady Apples from Green Gables this week. David has apples each year...but we rarely get them in as Forest Orchard is usually supplying us with the same varieties David has available - but not this year, as David has started his Pink Ladies early.
  • Graeme's Granny Smith Apples were delicious this week.  I always forget how good they are until I am crunching into one.
  • Even though we always semi - expect it when the seasons are changing, it still comes as a shock when we received awful emails about sending out 'old fruit'...this week an email about grapes we had 'obviously kept since prior to Easter' took the cake. There was nothing wrong with the grapes as such...but the stems were brown !! Yep, it is likely that all the grapes we will supply you as we approach the end of the season will be brown and there will, more than likely, be at least a few grapes on each bunch that are not edible...this is how eating 'real food' goes. No post-harvest spraying, no putting fruit to sleep....just fruit the way our grandparents ate it. Grown, Picked and packed as nature intended. For Veterans of Lettuce....I know what you are thinking... Flavour was superb this week for being so late in the season - not to mention the excellent crunch with the majority of the grapes. 1 - 2 more weeks is likely to see our favourite grapes finish for the season. Need I say, it is best to take a look at your grapes on arrival. Pull the grapes off the stems, discarding any damaged fruit and then storing  in an airtight container in the fridge. 
  • Sorry about the shortage on Blueberries and Hass Avocadoes this week. Unfortunately Blue Sky had a family emergency which has resulted in the last of their berries arriving late this morning - and so sadly that is it for Blueberries for another season. There is fruit coming in from New Zealand - but on close inspection we have decided to give them a miss.... and the next batch of Hass were just not quite ready. I hope the Fuerte worked at your end - Always such a hard call - yes they are both Avocadoes - but far from being alike, which is the reason we only out one piece into each order. Hass supply should be fine for deliveries starting Monday the 27th. Bulk Hass also back on the list.
  • Custard Apples - now coming from Pim, Passionfruit (although a little wrinkly), Pears - Bosc in particular, Pineapples, Ruby Grapefruit and Paw Paw were great this week.
  • The first of the QLD Broccoli season has arrived as expected....a little fluffy and unfortunately there were a few with an ever so slight orange tinge - this is a direct result of the Broc being a Winter variety - grown in conditions that are a little too hot - this problem will correct itself over the next few weeks. Until then, know what to expect. Keep in mind that Gary & Kathy leave quite a bit of stem on their broc - Don't discard. Potato peel, as the skin around the stem can be quite thick and cook as you would the flowerette. We personally peel the thick stem of broccoli and then slice into discs.
  • Cauliflower was ok this week coming from Caffra - although on the smaller side. QLD Cauli's will start in approx 2 - 3 weeks. Until then all we can offer you are extremely pricey, small Cauli's that are randomly affected by insects and/or some discoloration. We know many of you are using Cauli for medicine so we will continue to offer them ....but please only order them if you can't be without.
  • The Cabbage saga is momentarily over as Charlie has a little patch ready this week - Green and Red - both Soccer ball size. Try making your own Coleslaw this week. Check Package this week and News Page for Recipe. Heads are still likely to be bald. Harm glamour Cabbage season will start around the same time as his Cauli.
  • Brussels Sprouts from Quintin Bland in Yeltholm have been good, but they do need stripping back. As with most seasons these delicate tiny cabbages often develop black spotting on the outer leaves which need to be removed before cooking.
  • Celery from Helps Rd is still having some problems with browning leaves and in some cases have the centres cut out - this is happening on farm....good news is - Flavour is now excellent.  
  • It's that time of the year again when the Allium Family is wanting to grow again. Under the right conditions your garlic and onions will come to life. Keep in a well ventilated, cool area of the kitchen. Don't let the green shoot put you off, just eat it ! 
  • Where has the year gone, time sure is moving on - Jett is 4 this week !!
  • Unfortunately Energetic Sunflower Sprouts will not be available again in the short term. Procuring of organic seeds is proving very difficult.
  • Beans, Squash, Carrots, Pumpkin - all varieties, Red Capsicum, Lebanese Cucumber, Tomatoes and Zucchini have been excellent.
  • Did I say to change over to Jannei Goat Milk for security in supply last week ? So sorry everyone. It is Jannei Dairy that has let us down this week, and after speaking with the Dairy it seems this non-supply could be a regular occurrence moving into Winter. As a result of this conversation, our loyalty will now move to Marlee May Dairy which should place us in good stead for the Winter Months and beyond. We will now also offer Marlee May as a frozen option....but of course this cannot happen until week starting Monday the 4th of May.  
  • Our severe egg shortage has gone from bad to worse. Ian has been in touch to lettuce know that he will not be able to supply us again until the end of June - at best !!!! Arrhhh. Clarendon Farm is in the process of moving and has encountered a number of obstacles. The girls are literally in a flap with stress. As you all know we have been subbing to various other brands of Eggs and in most cases have been supplying you at less than we are a short term fix this was manageable, but as a long term solution this is not sustainable....So we will now take Ian's Eggs from the list and offer Country Range as a listing until Ian's supply returns. Not only are Ian's Eggs some of the best available...they are also a fantastic price point.