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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016 for deliveries 4th - 7th October 2016

Tuesday - Thursday Delivery: Order by 4pm Friday for priority supply. 
Tuesday - Thursday Delivery: Orders accepted up until 4pm Sunday. 
Friday Delivery: Orders accepted up until 9.30am Monday.
Some things are worth the wait !

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : )


PRODUCE SPECIAL :  4th - 7th October  
Asparagus from Maurice Caffra in Koowerup, VIC $2.60 each

GROCERY SPECIAL : 4th - 7th October
Raw Shelled Almonds packed by Lettuce Deliver (500gm) $16.50 each...usually $22.00 each
These Almonds are simply 'the best' coming from Manna Farm in Victoria. Try activating your own nuts this week. What is activating nuts you ask - check out our news page to find out.

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Please keep in mind all deliveries are one day later than usual due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday the 3rd October.


  • Stand out in the fruit department this week is definitely the Blueberries coming from 15 Acre - Absolutely delicious ! Treat yourself... These berries are plump and full flavoured just as we like them.  
  • Pim's Strawberries were also fantastic...but price is now starting to climb as we move towards the end of the season. Keep in mind that end of season fruit will not last if left in the fridge for a week. Strawberries should now be consumed within the first few days of delivery. 
  • Hot weather is on it's way...which is always a worry when end of season Winter Fruit is involved ! Remember to store your Oranges (which are now on the larger side - approx 250 - 300gm each), Apples (pick is still Fuji as crunch and flavour is still good), Lemons, Pears (which are now a little wrinkly around the cylix and arriving with some discoloration on the skins) and Mandarins in the fridge to prolong life. Don't forget that all fruit should now be closely inspected upon arrival - especially 3kg bags of Navel Oranges. Being inside a plastic bag, one problematic orange can send others bad at lightning speed if trapped without ventilation. This time of the year always presents a few random problems, as the Winter fruit is so close to coming to an end. Any major problems lettuce know. ....Hang in there ! This time of the year is always a little difficult  in terms of quality fruit availability..The Summer fruit season is still quite a few weeks from starting and the winter fruit is looking a little tired. We always receive a lot of enquiries around this time of the year as to when the Summer fruits will start (especially considering some are available in the major Supermarkets) …..We all wonder if we can eat another Mandarin or Pear ! Eating seasonally is very much about overdosing while items are available and then just when you feel that you have had all that you can handle – the season comes to an abrupt end ! By the time the new season comes around again we have all forgotten about the way we felt at the end of the season and welcome it again with open arms ! The good news is that soon enough our fruit bowls will be overflowing with Summer fruits - Valencia Oranges are only a week away from starting, Honeydew and Rockmelon are only a few weeks away, Kensington Pride Mangoes will start in late October & Cherries will begin from Brooke-Kelly and David Fairey early December. We may see some early Plums at the end of November, followed by early Peaches in mid December...and Grapes will start in January. 
  • Lemonade Fruit season will be completely finished in the next few weeks - as we approach the end, you will notice the fruit is becoming more and more aesthetically challenged - they look a little like a lemon you have found in the bottom of the crisper you bought - arrhhh 6 weeks ago. : ) Don't let this put you off the flavour is still fantastic.    
  • Passionfruit (although a little wrinkly), Hass Avocadoes, Rhubarb and Cavendish Bananas were excellent this week.  
  • Jo's Lettuce patch is literally bursting at the seams...We usually make a little note about the fact we pay Jo an agreed price for his lettuce all year when the lettuce is at their smallest. Well....we are now at the other end of the spectrum and in general the lettuce are a very good size and making up for the smaller sized heads you may have received from Jo in Winter. Jo's pick in the lettuce this week is  Mini Cos, Cos, Red Oak, Green Oak and Minuette all only $2.00 each. Charlie's Farm is also in overload with his Green Curly Kale still available in very generous half bunches. Paul & Rachel are also enjoying the Spring weather - with all herbs and bunched lines looking amazing. Rachel will have a small gap on Rainbow Chard this week (we will look to Lin's Farm this week for supply) and Rachel tells me today that Aragula Rocket is not far from starting.     
  • Cauliflower & Broccoli season from Gary and Kathy Harm is drawing to a close. I'm sure you will agree the veg has been amazing as usual. As we approach end of season, you will find the QLD Cauli's are not as crisp as they have been...they are now feeling a little rubbery in the warmer weather. Don't let this put you off, QLD Cauli's will only be available for another 2 or so weeks and once cooked, you would never know. Gary has confirmed that his Spanish Onions are still a few weeks from starting. 
  • New season Italian Garlic has been amazing - Order with confidence. Russian Garlic on the other hand is still 'old season' and is looking a little rough with some cloves now a little discoloured, while others are developing a sprout through the centre as the garlic is wanting to grow again. If you can get past the look of the Russian - flavour is still great.
  • Asparagus (produce special this week - $2.60 per bunch), Baby Vegetables, Baby English Spinach, Zucchini, Jap Pumpkin, Dutch Carrots, Carrots, Leeks, Corn, Red Capsicum, Cherry Tomatoes and Gold Onions were great this week. 
  • Please excuse us if  the indications we have on size of produce on our website is off the mark at the moment, or we supply you from a Grower that is different to the one we have listed on our site..... The end of the Winter fruit season often presents us with some unexpected sizes, not to mention the unpredictable early Spring weather can always throw a spanner in the works with supply. We have updated our website today with the most up-to-date and accurate  information about what will be available for next week's deliveries...but it is Wednesday and there are quite a few days before we will actually see the produce we are selling to you.  Rest assured we only deal in CERTIFIED ORGANIC fresh produce....that is, produce that has been independently audited to ensure that it is grown in line with the National Standard for Organic Production. Lettuce Deliver is also independently audited to ensure we are selling Certified Organic Produce. We are Certified with NASAA...and can proudly produce an audit trail on all our produce at a moment's notice. 
  • As most of you know we have changed the way we are delivering your cold items - any feedback good or bad is very much appreciated. 
  • We have also had quite a few enquiries about offering Dinner Boxes or Recipe Packages ...Head to our Package Deal Page to find this week's selection of Recipe inspirations. We know you all have things in your pantry like Olive Oil so with our packages you can simply add the package to your cart and then delete any goodies you don't require. So simple ! 
  • LA TARTINE available to all deliveries just for deliveries this week. These Artisan Breads arrive Tuesday morning. 

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We pick up all boxes that we deliver in and ask that you keep them clean and dry for a week so that we can swap them with the empty boxes when making your next delivery....If our drivers are not picking up your empty boxes please lettuce know. The Gel pack Iceblocks that we are supplying you are also a considerable cost to our business if they are not returned as are the poly boxes. Please leave out for collection with your next order. We will also collect any packaging material we may supply you including egg cartons, plastic boxes, bubble wrap etc. - simply leave inside your returning boxes.

As you know, we charge your credit card for your delivery total on the day of or day after your delivery. Please ensure that we have your up to date credit card details and that there are sufficient funds available on the day of your delivery for us to process your payment.