What does Delivery Monday - Wednesday and Delivery Thursday mean exactly ? 

We deliver to most areas of Sydney twice a week on our Eco Runs. Once between Mon and Wednesday and on a Thursday. 


  • If you choose delivery Monday - Wednesday and you live in St. Ives for example your delivery will be made on a Wednesday (Refer to Delivery page).
  • If you choose delivery Monday - Wednesday and you live in Hurstville for example your delivery will be made on Tuesday (Refer to Delivery Page).
  • If you choose delivery Monday - Wednesday and you live in Lane Cove for example your delivery will be made on Monday (Refer to Delivery Page).

    Once you are in one of our Eco runs, your order will arrive at relatively the same time each week for future orders...

    For future orders all of these customers would continue to choose delivery Monday - Wednesday.   

Why do orders have to be placed days before the delivery arrives ?

That’s because we do not have any produce waiting for sales. The fresh produce we have on offer is in many cases still on farm when you place your order and is then sent to Sydney just for you. We update our website each Wednesday evening with the coming weeks availability. For deliveries Mon - Wednesday: orders need to be placed by 4pm Sunday.
Deliveries for Thursday: orders need to be placed by 9.30am Monday.
You will be astounded at our quality ! We are so confident that our system works that we guarantee the quality of everything we supply you!

Wondering how you’ll manage to Order in advance?

It can certainly take a few weeks to master. When starting out with home delivery be patient and under estimate your needs, rather than over order until you know your families approximate needs for fruit and vegetables over exactly 7 days. You may need to supplement your needs for a week or two with shopping. But when you have got your needs established and have become addicted to our top shelf varieties, you will wonder how you ever survived without us.


Already worried you’ll miss the cut off and nothing else will do?

Set up a default order that we will send to you if you haven’t placed an order by the time we are contacting our Growers (Lots of customers have it set up that we send ‘the same order as last week’….or simply organize to have an order sent to you each week/fortnight/month without any contact on our part or yours….Lettuce know your likes/dislikes, total amount you’d like to spend and we’ll do the rest !

If you're not home on delivery

That’s fine. Let’s organize a safe hiding place to leave your goods. Our drivers are very good at following instructions.

In a security block, and wondering what your options are?

1. Is there somewhere safe to leave the boxes? Near the security door if you think that is safe? In the garden? Near the garage? We have many customer in security blocks, and leave boxes in all sort of places... Laundry rooms, garages, car spots, under the letter boxes, garden beds, etc. Anywhere that you would be happy to have the box left, our driver can leave it there.
2. Do you have a neighbour who you know is home, and would be happy for us to buzz them to be let into the building, then we can leave the box at your unit door?
3. Many customers who live in security blocks, give us a key to the security door, then our driver can gain access himself, and leave the box at the unit door.
4. Could you have the delivery sent to your work address?

Away from home all day ?

We can pack your order in an insulated box with an ice block to keep things cold, or delivery to your place of work.

Sleeping baby? 

We’ll organize your friendly driver to call or text on approach, rather than knocking.

Paying cash and need change

Sorry, our drivers don’t carry cash. We will call you prior to delivery with the exact price of your order to help you with correct payment. Any excess payment will appear on your next bill as a credit. 


Your order will be delivered in a cardboard and/or poly box. Many of the boxes we use have previously carried your produce to Sydney, while others have previously contained conventional produce.

These boxes are lined with paper to eliminate any possible chance of contamination. If you are hyper – sensitive please lettuce know so that we can ensure that your order is packaged in a Certified Organic recycled box.

Please store your empty boxes in a clean, dry location and leave them out for us to pick up when we deliver your next order.

Public Holidays

Falling on a Monday make all deliveries that week one day later. Falling on a Friday simply means we won’t be around to take your order over the phone, but we still accept orders by web, email, text or phone message. 

Why we don't offer Free Delivery or Discounts for orders over a certain total ?

We offer all of our customers the very best prices we can week in and week out.

All businesses that deliver goods have to factor in a delivery charge ! If a business does not have a separate charge, as we do at Lettuce Deliver, they would be working the delivery charge into their produce prices...this ultimately means that the customers spending the most $ actually pay a much higher fee for delivery than smaller customers.  

Any business offering a blanket discount on orders over a certain $ value have also factored this discount into their pricing. Don't be fooled by what may appear to be a quick saving of $5 or $10.00 ! We do not work on a set margin. As a family we have decided that we will not offer any produce on our site at a price we would not be prepared to pay ourselves. Because of this, at certain times of the year we offer items to our customers at the price we are paying for them.

Something Else?

Send us an email or give us a call (02) 9763 7337. We are only too happy to help you with your enquiries.