Wodonga Park RAW Macadamia Nuts back in stock

New season macadamias are here, and we are excited to announce that the raw macadamias from Wodonga Park are back in stock and 15% off in October.

Macadamias are a high energy food and contain no cholesterol. The natural oils in macadamias contain 78% monounsaturated fats, the highest of any oil including olive oil. Research is showing that monounsaturated fats can assist in lowering blood cholesterol levels and reduce the incidence of heart disease. Macadamias are also a good source of protein, calcium, potassium and dietary fibre and are very low in sodium. Health Professionals say these are all important for good health and well being.

So add a guilt free treat to your order this week. These tasty power packed nuts are sure to please!

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