Emma Sutherland (N.D.BachHSc)

Emma Sutherland is a successful naturopath and TV presenter, her mission in life is to inspire women to get their “Mojo” back. She is the expert nutritionist on the Logie nominated “Eat Yourself Sexy” on LifeStyle You. Emma is a fully qualified Naturopath, having completed four years of training in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy as well as a Bachelor of Health Science.  She has years of experience in treating women and children throughout the preconception to post natal period. She has completed post graduate training in women’s health and is a certified HypnoBirthing instructor.

Emma has featured in print media such as Marie Claire, Body and Soul, New Idea, Cosmo, Sunday Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and MX. Her radio experience covers 2SSR, MIX FM, a regular health spot on Mike Goldman’s show in 2010 and Bianca Dye’s show in 2012.

Emma’s online presence is huge and in her popular blog she reveals the latest research information, recipes from her upcoming book as well as tips and tricks to a life filled with “Mojo”.  Emma advises, consults and is the spokesperson for many brands. She is also a key contributor and expert panellist on the recently launched Woolworths parenting website.

We feel very lucky to have Emma contributing information on food & health to our website.

To see Emma at a naturopath clinic in Sydney, please visit her website