As a family we have used many services provided by our customers and now offer a medium for all our customers to share their services with each other. Nice!

This page is an excellent reference guide for good services, provided by good people who eat good food (from Lettuce Deliver of course!).  

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This is of course a free listing that you are more than welcome to join should you so choose. Just email, fax 9763 7338 or simply send us a note with a quick description of the service/s you provide.

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I imagine this page on our website will grow quickly so the format will adapt as time goes on.

I have included my own listing to give you an idea of what I have in mind...

Emma Slade – Organic Home Delivery Business

Emma Slade is the fresh produce buyer of her family business Lettuce Deliver, which is undisputedly the most respected Organic Retailer in Sydney (give yourself a rap – hehe). Lettuce Deliver Organics specializes in the home delivery of quality Australian Certified Organic Fruit and Vegetables to homes in Sydney on a weekly basis.

To make life more convenient not only do we carry the widest variety of fresh produce, we also deliver an assortment of grocery items as well as personal and home care needs. Try one of our seasonal boxes or place an order tailored to your specific needs.

For more information please phone us on (02) 9763 7337 or check out our site at