Airgead Studio - Christina Martin

The IT industry uses enormous amounts of power, which makes it a major source of CO2. If you are trying to minimise your carbon footprint, why not do the same for your web presence?

Airgead Studio was founded in 2008 by David and Christina Martin, to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional web hosting and development. We use 100% government accredited green power for our Australian operations and purchase 125% offsets for our offshore data-centre.

We provide reliable, friendly and carbon neutral web hosting and design for individuals and businesses.  We specialise in site development using the open source Joomla! Content Management System, and we have over 20 years experience in designing, building and maintaining websites.  We provide full web design and hosting services for small to medium businesses looking to establish an effective web presence, but without the in–house skills to develop it, or for larger organisations looking to outsource their web presence.  We have a full range of e–commerce solutions and also offer expert Internet/Intranet and software development consulting services.

tel: 02 9016 4342  

MondoWeb Web Design & Development - Joe Darling and Jane Needham

A regular Lettuce Deliver customer since 2004, Joe Darling operates a unique web design & development co-operative with experts in a wide range of disciplines. MondoWeb's philosophy in co-operative skills brings design and development together harmoniously.

MondoWeb specialises in small-to-medium business web sites and applications. MondoWeb's 17 years of creating uniquely beautiful and functional work is evident in their portfolio We invite you to browse their work and find out if MondoWeb is suitable for your next Internet design & development project.

Telephone: 02 8003 3356 | Skype: joseph.darling

ParkPatrol is a Really Smart Phone App - Joe Darling

Eating wholesome and organic foods perhaps does inspire creativity and success. Joe Darling, a regular customer of Lettuce Deliver since 2004 has recently invented ParkPatrol, a free and unique mobile smartphone application that lets you check-in your parked car to minimise parking penalty risk.

The ParkPatrol app lets you track your parking location and time, but doubles its function as users can also report sightings of parking rangers which the app then instantly relays as an alert to the checked-in car owners when their car is at risk. Be apart of your community, download and use the free iPhone or Android app at ParkPatrol - a quarter million downloads and climbing.