The Barefoot Doctor - Homeopath  

The Barefoot Doctor is Jimi Wollumbin a practicing Homeopath and Acupuncturist, and the managing Director of the One Health Organisation, Australia's only holistic humanitarian aid agency.
Jimi is passionate about preventative health care, and specialises in the area of vaccination. Food as medicine is an important part of his clinical practice, but believes strongly in the ability of families to take an active role in their own health care through the use of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We thank Jimi for his contribution to our 'History & Medicinal Information' related to produce and products displayed on our website

Alex Shirley – Personal Trainer / Lifestyle Coach

Natural High Health and Fitness - “Natural High Health & Fitness is a holistic personal training service based in Sydney. Natural High specialises in training people outside in the fresh air - in parks, by the beach or by the harbour.

Natural High believes that to really achieve results it is important to have powerful, inspiring and rewarding goals and offers clients the opportunity to train to take on adventure treks in Nepal, Ladakh and New Zealand. Information on Natural High’s services can be found at

If you would like to book in for a free fitness assessment or to find out more information, please call Alex on 0410 451256

Anne Finlay – Alexander Technique / Yoga

Teacher of the Alexander Technique--Private lessons and small group classes.

Yoga classes - day and evening classes, small group classes and private lessons.

44 Moira Ave
West Ryde 2114

Phone 98746880

Anne Marcon - Divine Essence - Holistic Organic Beauty and Health care

Adv.cert.MSpC&H, Dip.BTh, Cert.Aroma, Cert.NAWE, Dip.CA, Cert. Reiki, MAHHCA, Current studies: BHSc Nut.Med.
Specialising in all aspects of holistic health and beauty using organic and chemical free skin and body care. Anne is a holistic therapist with a passion for teaching people how to improve their health and wellbeing through addressing everything that affects their lives, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Anne believes that the only thing that stands between a person and their own perfect health is information, education and its correct implementation. Also that all illness and disease begin at a causal level which must be addressed for healing to begin. Anne's experience has been gained over more than 20yrs as a beauty & aromatherapist and more recently as a spiritual counselor and healer. 
Her interests have always been in natural medicine and finding the power within each individual for their own healing, her work with the Native Australian wildflower essences also contributes to this path, as does her research into the causal levels of all disharmony.  Her current studies in Nutritional medicine further contribute to an ability to treat on all levels where complete balance and fulfillment  is ultimately both our goals.

Her clinic is located in the beautiful rural surroundings of Camden Park
P 02 4655 6101   M 0416 510 673  E W


Carla Shalhoub - Southern Districts Massage Therapy Clinic

We are a remedial massage clinic based in St george, Sydney NSW and have been running for over 10 years. We specialise in swedish, sports, remedial, pregnancy, aromatherapy, stretching and strengthening programmes, outcalls and workcover approved massage, are approved providers of most health funds and
have male and female therapist available.

Hicaps is coming soon so then you will only need to pay the gap if you have
private health cover.

We are open 6 days Monday to Saturday between 8am and 8pm by appointment.
We also have gift vouchers for that present which can be mailed directly if

Hurstville has bus and train access and plenty of parking in Hurstville
westfeilds or the many coucil carparks around.

Check out our website for more details at Email for any information or call Sam and Carla on 02 9579 5900 / 0418428680 for an appointment

Rear of 328 Forest Road
Corner Barratt Street and Woodville Lane
NSW 2220

Dave Middleton & Clare Roberts - Step into Life Personal Training

Group outdoor personal training from $12.00 per session. A great gym alternative with your own qualified personal trainer in the fresh air. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Great variety including cardio, toning & strength as well as boxing.
Call Dave to organise a free trial session.
T: 9357 2653
Mb: 0405 067 681  

Emma Sutherland – Complimentary Health Specialist

ND. BHlth Sc (Comp Med). MATMS (13698). MNHAA. Adv Dip WH Med. Adv Dip Hom. Dip Nutr

Your Health Partner - Integrating complementary medicine into your life: We work closely with you to improve your health and increase your vitality through scientific techniques and complementary medicine. It is our personal attention and our focus on educating and empowering our clients to take control of their health that enables them to achieve the best possible results.
6 Reasons You'll Be Glad You Choose Health Equals Vitality For All Your Health Requirements

  1. Fully Qualified Practitioner: You are assured a treatment of the highest quality as you will consult with a practitioner who has completed a 4 year Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Health) degree as well as an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, is ATMS accredited and regularly participates in ongoing education and training.
  2. Individual Attention: We understand that everybody is different. As such, the health program that we design for you is specifically tailored to fit your individual health requirements. We essentially become your partners in health!
  3. We Treat The True Cause Of Your Problem: We look past your symptoms to determine the true cause of your problem so that we can treat this and achieve long lasting health changes as opposed to symptomatic relief.
  4. Health Fund Rebates: Not only are our consultations affordable but health fund rebates are also available.
  5. A Wholistic Approach: Utilising scientific techniques and drawing on our expertise in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homeopathy and nutritional sciences, you will be treated gently and with respect, thus ensuring that you receive all that you expect from each session.
  6. 100% Money Back Guarantee: If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your consultation, just let us know at the end and we will cheerfully refund your money. Mention Lettuce Deliver and receive a 20% discount on your initial consultation.

I specialise in female health, infertility, menopause, menstrual irregularities.

York City Health and Natural Therapies Centre
Gowings Building, Suite 605, level 6, 45 Market Street, Sydney. 2000

Phone 0432 042 451

I know I have a lot to offer as a naturopath; empathy, warmth and positive energy in abundance.

Janella Purcell - Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist.

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist iridologist, author and wholefood cook. She believes that food is medicine. Her skill is seeing the client as an individual, considering every aspect of their life and tailoring a program that is appropriate and realistic. She has been working with wholefoods since childhood and special diets for the past 12 years. Janella practices from her clinic in North Bondi.
Janella also runs a cooking school. Her classes include an abundance of organic seasonal produce and a collection of wholefood recipes.
See her website for details;

Jo Fenwick – Wu Tao - The Dancing Way

Healing and Balance for Body and Soul

Wu Tao is something that looks after your spiritual well-being as well as your physical body. Spirituality is about knowing who you are inside. Your true Self. Everyday is a chance for you to shine and inspire others by being your natural joyous self. In the midst of a busy life, it is sometimes easy to forget this truth. Wu Tao can help you to remember. Wu Tao - The Dancing Way is a therapy that uses dance, music and meditation to balance the Qi (life-force energy) in the body. It also tones the body and brings you to a place where the mind is free of chatter and you can experience the stillness of your own Being. We call it Deep Peace.

Wu Tao has its foundations in oriental medicine and is a system of healing, with a wholistic philosophy that restores balance to the person on all levels. The main form of Wu Tao is a series of dances that work on balancing the qi flow through the meridians. Each dance works on balancing two meridians that belong to a particular element. (eg kidney/bladder meridians belong to the water element). The dances are learned and then performed to beautiful melodic music that corresponds with the particular energy and quality of the element for which it is used. The end result is an experience of beauty, harmony and balance - physically, energetically and mentally. Wu Tao also has dietary, psychological and spiritual aspects which are incorporated into the teachings. Wu Tao is both movement and stillness. Doing and being. It encourages the development of these qualities and an experience of "being in the flow” of the life-force. In Wu Tao while one is focussed on doing the routine with the music, the mind becomes still and the body poised and balanced.

Classes available throughout Sydney. Call 1300 760 463 to find a class near you.

Licensed Wu Tao Dance Teacher
NSW Co-ordinator

KMS Events - Global Adventure Sports Calendar

KMS Events is a free adventure sports calendar for the recreational sporting community.

The KMS Events website is designed to list and promote your upcoming event to the world. If you are an event organiser, you can place a Free Calendar Listing and we also have Platinum Listings available to provide an extensive advertising campaign for your event.

In addition to advertising events, KMS Events can assist with event management, customising policies and procedures to suit your requirements.

KMS Events have been operating and managing events since 2001. Our company advertises events and provides event management services for community, corporate and charity organisations across Australia.

Visit our website:

Larissa Halls - Zen Organics

I created Zen Organics recently so I can share my knowledge of Organic and sustainable living with the community. Knowledge is power, and I believe by educating people on these topics they will be able to make informed decisions that will create a healthier life and environment for all creation. I deeply care about the health and well being of our species and I have a great respect for Mother Earth. You are invited to my next free seminar Organic and Natural living.

When: Tuesday November 29th 2005
Where: SG Hair conference room. 17 The strand, PENSHURST (across from the train station)
Time: 6:30 pm for a 7pm start

I will be covering such topics as: Pesticides, Corporate farming, GM Foods, Artificial food additives, Hazardous chemicals in the home.

If you are interested please contact me on
Ph: (02) 9594 4842
M: 0408634220

If you attend a community group and would like to invite me to do a talk on all, or any one
of these topics I will be honoured. I do these seminars for free as I believe everyone has a
right to this information. I have done talks with womens groups, childrens play groups, at
yoga studios and other various organisations. I believe, working together we can all make a
difference. I look forward to hearing from you.

Larissa Halls

Leah Hechtman
Director  |  Naturopath

Reproductive, Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist
Leah is the Director of The Natural Health and Fertility Centre where she specialises in Fertility Support and Mental Health. Her primary passion is her clinical practice where she is regularly inspired and humbled by her patients. She loves helping people change their lives and feels this is especially rewarding when her patients are able to experience the healthy conception of the next generation.

She believes that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and that ill-health is merely a stepping stone to help one reclaim their true state of being. Most importantly she remembers to live, spends time in nature, and acknowledges the importance of 'practitioner heal thyself' so that she can be the best inspiration for change in others.

The Natural Health and Fertility Centre

Leah Hechtman

Address: Suite 7 and 8, Level 1, 300 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Reception: 02 9437 0425 | Fax: 02 9477 4564 | Mobile: 0411 590 701
Email: | Website:

Maree Sullivan - Neurohealth Family Chiropractic & Allergy Solutions- Allambie
(5 mins from Manly, Northern Beaches)

Neurohealth is a health and lifestyle clinic based in Allambie offering a wide range of holistic natural health services- focusing in particular on Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Allergy Elimination and Optimal Health!

Through Neurohealth Chiropractic care you will be able to experience natural relief for pain and symptoms of many health issues. We aim to create the right conditions within the body for lasting changes and prevent recurrences. At Neurohealth we provide ‘state of the art’ techniques and services focused at providing optimal health. Neurohealth is chiropractic with a real difference. We have a unique and incredibly powerful range of tools to get you feeling better… faster! We’re a clinic devoted to getting to the CAUSE of your health problems (not just the symptoms!) so you can get back on your feet and functioning at an optimal level every day.

Our chiropractors have trained extensively in traditional chiropractic wellness care as well as a wide range of natural complimentary treatments which allows us to achieve amazing results with our clients.

The list of conditions that we commonly treat clients for is vast, from effective pain relief to allergies, stress management and postural improvement. We use techniques that feel good & are suitable for people of all ages- from babies and children (colic, ADHD, poor immunity), pregnant women to the elderly, and from office workers to high performance athletes so you can be confident that whatever your level of mobility, pain or age we can use an effective treatment technique that you feel comfortable with- Ensuring you feel 100%.

Call us on 02 9905 9099 or visit our website for more information.

We have a special offer for all Lettuce Deliver Customers- mention that you (or your family members) are a Lettuce Deliver Customer & we will give you 50% off your Initial Consultation

Maxine Edwards - Nutritionist

I am a qualified nutritionist who strongly believes the key to great health is through being kind to yourself on all levels and eating fresh organic wholefood. I can help you and/or your children achieve optimal health for life by providing you with practical nutritional advice and lifestyle suggestions tailored especially for you. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your energy, boost your immune system or learn what to feed your children - these are just some of the things I can help you with.

For a consultation please call me on 0405 464 163 or (02) 9907 6412.

Thomas Samels - Osteopath

281 Madagascar Drive Kings Park, corner of Sunnyholt road.

Marianne Trees - Naturopath @ The Natural Health and Fertility Centre

Seeing a naturopath is a wonderful step towards better health.  I look forward to working with you to reach your health care goals.
Address: Suite 9, 21-23 Hunter St, Hornsby NSW 2007
Ph: 1300 78 70 66

Christine Pope - Homeopath and Nutritionist

Christine runs her practice from the Yoga Room and Life Centre at St Ives. The practice is heavily focussed on education and regular FREE natural first aid workshops are run at the clinic teaching people how to treat common illnesses themselves using homeopathic medicines and supplements.

Homeopathy is a widely used form of natural medicine and can treat a range of acute and chronic health problems including conditions which do not respond well to conventional treatment such as IBS, Skin conditions and Allergies.

Nutrition consultations focus on the importance of a healthy eating plan (organic where possible) as well as specific recommendations relevant to the health conditions of each individual.

Contact the Yoga Room and Life Centre on 9144 1555 or Christine's website .

The Yoga Room is located at Unit 6/15 Stanley St, St Ives 2075.

Kate Marsh - Dietitian (Northside Nutrition & Dietetics)

Northside Nutrition & Dietetics is a team of Accredited Practising Dietitians in Chatswood who are committed to the development of healthy eating habits and the enjoyment of food. Northside Nutrition and Dietetics was first established in 1997, providing nutrition advice and education to individuals and groups in Sydney's northern suburbs.

Our aim is to provide the education, motivation and support to assist you in making the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary to achieve your goals.  We provide dietary advice for areas including weight management, diabetes, heart health, digestive problems, eating disorders, pregnancy & breastfeeding and vegetarian eating.

For more details visit our website or call 9415 4845.