QueenB.jpgChristmas is almost upon us, and many of you will be looking for those unique gifts, and all the preparations to make the holiday season magical.

Candles, no matter the time of year, are a great way to elevate the mood and create a warm, loving atmosphere in any home.

But not all candles are made equal. Paraffin waxes are made from a petroleum by-product, and they emit toxic smoke when burned. This smoke can also stick to walls and surfaces in your home. Not nice!

Soy and palm wax also present issues with the ethics and economy of their production. Plantations often use cleared rainforest land, and this damages natural ecosystems, and animal habitats.

The answer is 100% natural beeswax.

A worker bee eats about 10 pounds of honey, flies 240,000 kilometres and visit 33 million flower blossoms in order to produce one pound (450gm) of beeswax! Australian beeswax is reported (by industry sources) to command premium prices on the world market because of its freedom from adulteration and chemical residues.

Natural beeswax is an extraordinary material to work with; It naturally occurs in different colours - ranging from creamy white, through to pink, orange, bright yellow and dark brown depending on the flowers the bees have been foraging and, to some extent, how the beekeeper has handled the wax. It is also beautifully translucent.

Did you know beeswax is a natural ioniser?
When burned correctly beeswax candles burn smoke free and purify the air. How? Beeswax is a natural ioniser - emitting negative ions when burned.

Other natural ionisers include moving water (oceans, waterfalls, rain etc.) and plants. Short of setting up a waterfall or rainforest in your living room, or buying an expensive electric ioniser, burning beeswax candles is the simplest and most effective way of purifying the air that you breathe.

It has been scientifically proven that the only fuel known to humanity to produce a balanced negative ion is pure beeswax. And what is even more astonishing is that a pure beeswax candle burns the dust and toxic fumes drawing them closer to the flame through the force of convection - you will notice that the dustier your environment, the darker the pool of wax around the wick of your candle.

Scientists have proven that anything that is floating in the air, does so because it is 'positively charged' - this includes dust, pollens, nasty smells, viruses, bacteria, germs and even toxic residues and emissions from household furnishings. Odours remain because they have a positive charge. All of these toxins present a potential health risk as they live in the air you breathe. Beeswax, when burned, emits negative ions which bind with the positive ions, creating a complete molecule, which is heavier than air and thus falls to the ground.

By burning pure beeswax candles a few times a week, and vacuuming a couple of times a week, your home will be cleaner, smell sweeter and the air you breathe will be healthier.

So this Christmas give the gift that will make you and your loved ones feel good!

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