January is already coming to a close and many of our precious little ones are back to school this week! For some this is a relief, for others, it's a bittersweet change back to the old routine. In either case we all want to send our kids to school with the best lunches possible - and hopefully ones they will eat!

Growing children need to eat small amounts regularly to keep up with their energy requirements - hence crunch and sip, lunch, as well as recess at most schools these days. It's so easy to fall back on quick and easy packaged snacks out of convenience - but creating fresh snacks for our kids is so easy - it's all about preparation! Instilling healthy eating habits for our kids starts early, and having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand to snack on - as well as a lack of "easy" packaged alternatives - will help ensure our kids chose the healthier option.

Preparation - yes, it takes a little time - but it's worth it when you see your child open the fridge and get out a container of pre-washed and cut celery sticks to eat with a nut butter or hummus.
Having cut and washed, ready to eat fruit and veges in the fridge is so handy for quick snacking, not to mention quick week night dinners.

Gone are the days of an Apple and a Vegemite sandwich...well some days : ) Lunchboxes these days look more like a bento box with:

Fruit & Veg, Nuts (if allowed at your school), Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Anchovies (this might be wishful thinking), Tuna, Cold meats (left over's from last night's dinner), High Protein Yoghurt, Olives, Crackers (homemade Flax are delicious) - gee, these kids are spoilt!

Lots of schools these days also encourage 'waste free' day which is all about food with no packaging with incentives for the kids if their lunch boxes are free of wrappers - such a good idea and an area we can certainly help with. We have the cutest little calico pouches for snacks, not to mention resealable and reusable clear bags (like a snap lock bag) for bigger kids who are not wanting to be too cute ; )

In fact we have a whole category on our website dedicated to BPA Free Drink & Food Storage. They are ideal for kids going back to school, as well as for food storage at home! 

BPA is the starting material for making polycarbonate plastics. Any leftover BPA that is not consumed in the reaction used to make a plastic container can leach into its contents. From there it can enter the body. While human studies are needed to better understand the risks from BPA, animal studies show, and experts believe, that it interferes with endocrine function, brain development and it is also linked to increased blood pressure. It's a scary thought, but scientists also believe the effects can be lifelong, and can also affect unborn babies while in the womb.

So better to be safe, and switch out to glass, ceramic, metal containers or BPA Free plastics - as these are all BPA free, and not going to leech any nasties into our food.