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And the winner is...

Thank you to every single lovely Lettuce Deliver customer who answered the call of our recent survey. We really appreciate the time you have taken to help shape the future of Lettuce Deliver.

Quite sincerely, we were overwhelmed by the generous responses. Hundreds of people responded to our survey. From 18 to 80, customers of less than 6 months through to ones that have been with us in the Tamarama days have answered the call.

You’ve given us much food for thought related to products, promotions and improvements. Stay tuned over the next few months as we bring ideas to life based on your feedback.

We’ve also received lashings of praise which truly made us feel incredibly valued, humbled and pleased. When you set out to bring a community together, sometimes you wonder if it will work. But the heartfelt responses we have heard through our survey genuinely feel connected to you all.

Now, our winners of the 3 x $100 off next purchase is Lauren Norman, Nina Lazarevic and Linda Runnalls. We’ll be contacting you via your email address to advise. Congratulations.

Even though we’ve given away a few vouchers, it’s Team Lettuce who really feels like the winner with all your great responses.

We hope you’ll continue giving us feedback directly via email. We also want you to feel free to share your feedback on our newly revamped Facebook page and via our Instagram feed. Staying in touch with your suggestions helps us create a Lettuce Deliver experience that you like and we can be proud of. So don’t be shy!

And thank you again. A summary of our results will be posted in the coming weeks for the curious.

Team Lettuce