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Raising eco friendly kids

Organic baby food is popular, which is great to see. But we all know raising eco friendly kids takes a lot more than simply thinking about the food baby needs. It can be tough for a new parent to navigate the information that surrounds green parenting. We don’t profess to be experts by any stretch of the imagination. We do however try to support parents raise the next generation of organic minded, eco friendly and environmentally aware kids.

So today, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways (beyond organic baby food) we can help support you in your eco parenting goals

Organic baby food is on the menu

Lettuce Deliver is one of the few places that regularly stocks internationally certified, naturally based baby formulas. We choose Holle which comes all the way from Germany because we believe it is the best! The best, ensures your baby receives organic baby food that is certified and contains nutritionally balanced ingredients. 

We also search out the products that move beyond the organic baby food into teething and snacking with rusks, biscuits and bars. The snacks, confectionary and biscuits we provide are all clearly labelled with their ingredients, country of origin and organic status. 

For breastfeeding mothers, we also encourage breast milk through a range of lactation biscuits to help with natural expression.

This, together with our guarantee that when your baby starts on solids the organic fruit and vegetables you are feeding them are indeed organic, means you can feed your baby with confidence.

We think about the food serving too

Parents looking to raise eco friendly kids also want to know what the organic baby food is served in is also free from nasties. That’s why we offer BPA free drink bottles such as the Foogo sippy cup. We also provide a range of Green Essentials snack pots and lunch boxes for the kids at day-care and school.

We provide all kinds of eco friendly containers to store organic food in the fridge and cupboard or when you are out and about with the family.

That way, you can be sure the food you’ve lovingly prepared stays fresh and chemical free while minimising your impact on the environment on the whole.

Eco baby care made simple

We know how sticky, messy and even smelly babies can get. From dancing in their eco baby food to toilet time, babies come with a lot of gooey moments. That’s why we’ve got a great range of products to not only make your cleaning jobs easier but to keep them eco as well.

In our baby, toddler and kids section, you’ll find a great array of eco friendly bath time products to keep baby clean, moisturised and pampered in all the right ways. We also have baby teeth cleaning products. Plus teething and soothing products for baby’s first teeth.

And eco cloth nappies and all things carrying, cleaning and alike are also part of our commitment to helping make life as simple as possible for the eco friendly parent. Plus we have a range of biodegradable disposable nappies for those moments when cloth may not be suitable.

Travelling in eco style

Taking baby around the place is easy with some of the handiest items in the lettuce Deliver eco kids range. Namely our cotton muslin or bamboo baby wraps and cotton blankets.

Your little one will be safe and secure in our wraps.  Keep them warm with lovely cotton muslin wraps that work as a wrap, burp cloth, stroller cover and more. Opt for the bamboo wrap and feel baby snug against your heart and bosom, peacefully sleeping the day away. 

Team it with a cotton stripy blanket and matching knitted bunny and you’ve definitely got a baby who is travelling in eco style!

Eco friendly baby gifting for cool relatives

It might not be cool to turn up as the Aunt or Uncle with your organic baby food alone. But you can certainly make a splash with eco baby hampers from Lettuce Deliver. These hampers are the great gift for the first time or seasoned eco parent. They come with useful baby products and/or a wonderful toy for baby to treasure.

You can also choose from a bunch of awesome baby cotton clothing products, shoes and toys.

And if you’re still a little unsure of what may be the most needed item for the new parents, there are always Lettuce Deliver gift vouchers. 

Eco friendly kids are happy kids

From the organic baby food you choose to the cloth nappies and other eco friendly parenting items sold, we see how much the babies, toddlers and kids of Lettuce Deliver customers are cherished. Choosing to feed the kids well, making use of BPA free products and looking for long lasting products that have low environmental impact all help to create a more sustainable future for the next generation.

If at any time you want us to stock other parenting or baby products at Lettuce Deliver to support your aims, feel free to email us with your suggestions via