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Get up close and personal with organic food delivery service, Lettuce Deliver 

To stay ahead in the Sydney organic food delivery service, you have to listen to your customers. Lettuce Deliver has been servicing Sydney with all your organic grocery and household item needs for almost two decades. One of the ways we do this is having an open door policy with our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions via email, social media and on the phone.

So I guess it’s surprising to some of you that 2016 saw our first ever member survey. The wealth of information we received was astounding. So thank you each and every one of you who took part. We had hundreds of responses from eager customers from as down south as Kiama and as far north as the Central Coast. Western Sydney represented in strong numbers, as did the beachside suburbs of the Eastern Suburbs.

From vegans chasing down an organic food delivery service that offers strong choices in dairy-free and non animal products to the growing numbers of gluten free and Paleo customers, we saw it all.

Now we want to present a small snapshot into the wonderful customers who make our organic food delivery service so very special. What kind of shopper are you?

We attract new customers all the time and the majority (68%) stay with us for 2 or more years. Over a fifth of these customers have been loyal for 8 years or more (22%).

We’re not only your chosen organic food delivery service. We’re also your main grocery food supplier the majority of the time. Over 75% of you buy the bulk of your shopping with us and top up other items with other shops in between.

Of course 92% of you came to Lettuce Deliver because you wanted an organic food delivery service that didn’t substitute Certified Organic produce with conventioanl produce and did their best to deliver a wide range.

You came for the range

While seasonal boxes are popular (19%), the majority of you love the flexibility of choosing from a range of produce and adding to your box and/or selecting your own fresh produce (87%).

86% of you also said we had a fantastic (36%) or great range (50%) of products overall.

Still, that didn’t stop many of you from sharing some amazing new products you’d like to see. You asked in record numbers for the likes of Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher range, which we’re now happy to report is a staple of the Lettuce Deliver range.

Many of you have made amazing suggestions to our range and we can happily confirm The Carob Kitchen, Ceres, Vegan Cheeses and many more suggested products to come will become regulars on our shelves as a result.

Many of you choose us for clean eating diets (36.7%), to support your gluten free diet (29%), because you follow a low or no sugar diet (20.5%) or because you’re vegetarian or vegan (17.8%).

With more vegan, gluten free and local products to be added, you’re bound to see some of your favourites pop up shortly. Of course if you wish to add to this at any time, remember the door is always open.

You stayed for the quality

Through the comments and through the analysis of what we did well, we received resounding thumbs up from the majority of Lettuce Deliver customers when it comes to quality.

You like the freshness, the overall quality of the produce, the taste of the dairy and pantry items and the long-lasting make of the household items we supply.

A sliver off 90% of you rated our produce quality fantastic (55.5%) or great (34.4%). Only 1.38% of customers said we had room for improvement. But that doesn’t mean we’re home and hosed. It simply means we’re hoping to covert that 1.38% too!

You love our customer service

When you run a small business, especially in a field as competitive as organic food delivery in Sydney, what can make or break you is your customer service.

As many of you are well aware, we’re a family owned business who takes this very seriously. It’s super important to us to continue to learn, grow and be the best business owners we can be. We choose our delivery drivers with care. Each of our organic food producers and artisan food makers are chosen for their quality, their certification and their dedication to providing good, clean, healthy food.

Many hours of love and labour go into each delivery we make that we assumed our customers might not see.

Imagine how full of pride and happiness we were to see so many wonderful, generous and kind statements relating to Lettuce Deliver coming through our survey.  So many comments were supportive and full of love. Many told stories about how we have gone above and beyond.

73% of you rate our customer service as fantastic.  21% call it great. And for the 6% who said good (5.5%) or could improve (0.43%), you’ve set us a challenge to win you over as well.

You also love Emma’s Fresh Produce report. And you’d like to see us extend our commitment to sharing information with you via the Lettuce blog and our social media. We’ve begun this process, but expect to see more info added to the mix to help you make informed decisions in coming weeks and months.

We thank you for your kind words, not only because they are so kind. But it also means that your feedback and suggestions also come from a constructive place full of love that wants us to do better.

Talk about inspiring!

Supporting the independent farmer and small business matters

Shunning the Colesworth monopoly is a big part of your choice to shop with us. You choose our organic food delivery service over the big supermarket chains 44% of the time.

Customers to Lettuce Deliver are motivated by supporting the independent foodie businesses in Australia. 85% of you want to support Australian farmers and 69% choose to buy from small businesses wherever possible.

Just under 60% of you also want to keep the fuel miles low and production as local to Sydney as possible as well.

You also asked for more Australian products, especially in the pantry department. This is something we’re actively addressing right now. Head to the NEW PRODUCTS section to grab them as they arrive.

Women do the shopping yet location and age is no barrier

We reach an audience as far north as Berowra, west to the Blue Mountains and as far south as the Illawarra. We strongly represent in key markets such as the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore and our homeland, Western Sydney.

92% of our survey respondents are female. And 61% of you are buying for the whole family.

What happens from here?

Lettuce Deliver takes your product suggestions very seriously. We’ve also introducing a range of samples to help further expand your product horizons over the coming months.

We’re also sifting through any suggestions in terms of social media, our blogs and supporting marketing so that we can better inform you about Lettuce Deliver and our products.

Haven’t had your say yet and want to share your ideas with us? Contact us directly via - We’re happy to hear from you.