KiallaBG.jpgWhile some of us may shy away from celebrating birthdays, to celebrate 30 years in organic farming and production is truly a great achievement!

Kialla Pure Foods is located in the heart of the Darling Downs, near Toowoomba in sunny Queensland. Since their beginnings in 1988, they have grown to become Australia's leading processor of organic cereal grains.
The rich soil of the Darling Downs also provides the best grain farming conditions in Australia.

Kialla is currently lead by Quentin Kennedy, who has worked in the organic industry for almost 20 years.

Kialla only do organics, and they are 100% committed to using organic production and processing methods. They strongly support and encourage organic farmers and environmental sustainability.

Farming organically requires best practice farming methods, while also guaranteeing farmers receive fair returns for their crops.

What makes Kialla special?
Kialla Pure Foods only mills certified GMO-free organic cereal grains with no cross contamination from non-organic products. They source over 20 different grains from only certified organic growers. They focus on sourcing grains from Australian growers wherever possible.

The mill uses a mixture of traditional and modern milling techniques to produce a wide range of organic flours, kibble, and meals.

With 30 years in organic production they have become known for their professionalism and integrity both locally and internationally.

They're taking Aussie organic grain to the world, with more than 15 years experience exporting to New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. Recently that has also included Italy and the USA.

Kialla strives to continually improve their range and supply of cereal grains.

They're committed to supplying a quality product at a reasonable price. One that doesn't cost the earth, in the fullest sense of that phrase. Because, while we all need to be paying the real cost for the growing and producing of healthy food, Kialla believes that just because it's organic doesn't mean it has to be unaffordable for the majority of people.

Storing your grains
Always store your filled containers in a dry, preferably darkened area, which is rodent free and where the temperature remains fairly constant. Heat and temperature variation is the enemy of food storage as we know!
At home, refrigerator storage may be necessary, particularly in summer.

You can find a range of Kialla products on our site, from Oats to flours and grains aplenty! They even have a quick and easy pancake mix that you might like to give a try for a cozy and delicious morning!