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How to ace spring time parties with Lettuce Deliver

Getting organic food delivered isn’t the only thing on our minds of late. Spring is in the air and we’re certainly feeling the warm, happy vibes.

Spring is a great time to start planning social occasions and family gatherings. We love a good party at Lettuce Deliver, so we’ve got a great bunch of tips for you to use to make your spring time fun shine.

Here’s how you can get your organic food delivered and ace your spring time parties in one go with a little help from Lettuce Deliver

Catering for a diverse group

Depending on the size of the gathering, it can become quite difficult to cater for a wide variety of eating styles. You’ve got kids and adults to consider. You may also need to meet the needs of allergies, digestive ailments and specific diets.

But you don’t have to go to the trouble of preparing a monstrous amount of food to make everyone happy. It’s simply a matter of planning the menu ahead of time so that when you get your organic food delivered you are not missing any vital ingredients.

One simple trick is to use vegetarian or vegan dishes as a baseline for everyone with additional meat, fish, chicken and dairy served as side additives.

For example, you could make trays of roast vegetables that become roast veggie salad and/or a twist on the old favourite of pumpkin pie with a gluten free pastry. Add cheeses by offering a block of cheese and a grater on the table so people can flavour to suit.

Or a curry base with all the organic veggies, coconut milk, herbs and spices included that has matching spiced chicken breast served on another platter.

You could make a bean and lentil salad brimming with season veggies and salad greens. Add goat’s cheese in a side bowl along with any nuts for allergies or slivers of bacon for the meat eater who can’t possibly do without.

 If you’re having a BBQ or pulling out the family Sunday lasagne, don’t forget the wonder that is Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher to help cater for all.

And for quick and simple, check out our range of organic meats that come in all kinds of cuts, mince, patties and more.  

For great ideas on recipes you can dress up and down and split for a variety of different eating styles, check out the Lettuce Deliver recipe section.

Nibbles are us

We love whetting the appetite with a few pre-meal nibbles at Lettuce Deliver. There’s nothing nicer than allowing your guests to graze as you prepare the main event.

That’s why we have a great range of the sweet and savoury nibbles to make the before (and after) meal event oh so special.

Start the party right with the divine Thomas Chipman, Luke’s Orangic and Cobbs Popcorn. These wonderful chippies and corns wake up the senses. We’re completely nutty for nuts around these parts and stock a great range of natural, salted and activated nuts. And we’ve got you covered in the savoury biscuit and crispbread department as well. 

Just add toppers from our dips, cheese and pate section and you’re off to a great catering start!

And if you’re partial to a grazing dessert, why not check out our great range of cookies and biscuits, chocolates and carobs or check out the seasonal produce and create your own organic fruit platter. The adults can graze while the kids delight themselves with frozen fruit icy poles. Or you can share it all.

The only trouble you may have is ensuring the organic food delivered stays in the house long enough to make it to the party!

Lighting up the party

Want to give you party the special kind of feel you can only get from the right kind of candles? Lettuce Deliver has got your back!

Choose from a great array of eco-friendly candles. We’ve got tea light candles, candles in glasses frosted and clear, short ones and tall ones- whatever you need to make the place look amazing.

And they’re all natural with no nasty surprises and are Australian made.

Recycle and reuse and your party

One of the things that often bothers people about parties is the sheer amount of waste.

That’s why we stock wonderful items such as re-usable drinking straws and a range of glass drinking jars, perfect for that hipster drink or cocktail. For cooking up a storm, we have recycled aluminium and chemical-free, recycled paper products.

And our long lasting, eco friendly cookware looks just as lovely on the table serving as it is at the job of cooking!

Gifts to make you smile

Gifts are another party element you can buy from Lettuce Deliver and receive when you get your organic food delivered.

Looking for the perfect birthday gift or looking to kick off that baby shower in style? Then why not check out the range of Lettuce Deliver eco friendly gift hampers? We’ve got ones for selfcare, packed full of gifts and brimming with delightful chocolates and other tongue tempting delights.

You can kick off BBQ’s with the all Australian hamper (because let’s face it, what’s more Aussie than a BBQ with a hamper full of Australian goodies?). Turn a night in with the girls into a chocolate feast with a chocolate hamper or simply celebrate a lazy night in.

Make your festive season catering and gift giving simple with our extensive range of Christmas hampers. Or bring on the wine and nibbles in hamper form or as individually boxed wines with your own personal selection from our grocery range.

Lettuce Deliver love a good party

Lettuce Deliver wants you to have a wonderful spring time of feasting and fun. It’s more than having your organic food delivered. We love the idea of friends and family coming together over our products to make memories and share great times.

So much so, we’d love to see how the organic food delivered to your house ends up being fun. Feel free to share it on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram with #lettucedeliverorganics so we can share the good times with you.