Kombucha has been gaining traction as a refreshing drink with many health benefits in the last few decades. It is easy to see why!

The slight fizz makes you think of summer days, and the variety of flavours is amazing. The deal cincher though is that the fermentation process imbues Kombucha with a plethora of health benefits. The probiotic content helps to balance your gut flora - the unique mix of bacteria in your stomach and intestines. Healthy gut flora improves digestion, improves mental clarity and stabilizes moods. A healthy gut can also be attributed to reducing or eliminating depression and anxiety.

Kombucha is made from a base of brewed tea (green or black), sugar, and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), or “mother culture”. This Scoby is what eats the sugar, and converts the sweet tea into the drink called Kombucha. After the initial fermentation, the Scoby can be reused for the next batch, and every few batches will create a "child" Scoby that can be separated from the main one and used on its own. Fruit, herbs, and spices are used to flavour the Kombucha after its fermentation to make it more palatable.

The origins of Kombucha are steeped in mystery (pardon the pun). But it is generally believed to have originated over 2000 years ago in China. Similar drinks are found across Asia and Europe, so tracing the exact origin of today's Kombucha is difficult. That doesn't change the fact that the Kombucha that is being brewed in Australia is delicious and great for you! Give it  a go this week!

Our Suppliers

Herbs of Life:
Daniel Bucca had a chance encounter with Kombucha while living and working in the USA. He felt the balance in his gut being restored after one bottle, and has been a Kombucha lover ever since. After returning to Australia, and not finding Kombucha here, he began the journey to create and then sell his own.

Based in the Blue Mountains, Herbs of Life's mission is  to produce healthy foods and to increase awareness of what it means to become independently healthy with an emphasis on the healing properties of the plant world.

You can find their Kombucha in Fermented Drinks - Kombucha and Kefir under the Refrigerated section of our website.

Kombucha Max
Unlike the other Kombucha's we stock - the ones by Kombucha Max are shelf stable - making them a pantry favourite! The yeast has been reduced by filtration which prevents further fermentation. This stabilizes the trace of alcohol to below 0.5%. This is the only reason for refrigerating Kombucha. The bacteria enjoys the warmer temperatures & remains active as it is anaerobic & will remain alive in suspension till the bottle is opened. Kombucha Max can remain unrefrigerated till opened.

Their Brew Master has had international experience selecting the best cultures & ingredients to maximise the benefits of their Kombucha to bring you the best tasting, softest and health promoting Kombucha Max.

You can find Kombucha Max in the Probiotic Drink & Shelf stable Kombucha section under Beverages on our website.

Remedy Kombucha
Remedy Kombucha was started by husband and wife team Emmet and Sarah Condon. They were tired of the misleading nature of some of the "healthy" snacks and drinks on the market, and so decided to use that energy for something positive and created their own brand. They had been fermenting at home for a long time, and used that small batch mindset to expand their business while keeping the formulas and methods traditional and natural.

Their aim was – and still is – to make authentic kombucha appealing and accessible to the widest possible audience, whilst also remaining committed to quality and traditional processes. The first batch of Remedy Kombucha was made in Sarah and Emmet Condon’s Melbourne kitchen. It is now made in their Melbourne fermentary, using the very same mother culture as their first batch!

They are also endorsed by Sarah Wilson of "I Quit Sugar".

You can find their Kombucha in Fermented Drinks - Kombucha and Kefir under the Refrigerated section of our website.