Oats.jpgWe all know a delicious bowl of oats is a great, healthy way to start the day.....but which sort is the healthiest?

All oats start off as oat groats, which are the whole, unbroken grains. Typically, they are then roasted at a low temperature or steamed before being processed into other varieties of oats.

Oats that we buy come in various forms, the basics being - instant, rolled, or steel cut. And they all have slightly different features.

Instant oats - are just that - quick and easy to cook. These are the most processed of the oat varieties. The oats are also partially cooked, dried, and then rolled and pressed thinner than rolled oats to allow the oats to cook more quickly. Additional ingredients are often things like skim milk powder, or emulsifiers that help it achieve that creamy texture quickly.

Rolled oats - are partially steamed and then rolled flat to a certain thickness. This processing means they have a relatively quick cooking time, around 2-5 minutes. But they generally contain no other ingredients.

Steel-cut oats - are the least processed of this list. They are the closest to their original form. The whole oat groat is cut into pieces using a steel blade. This type of oat does take the longest to cook - around 30 minutes - and has a nuttier taste and chewy texture.

But which is best for you?

Steel cut oats are closest to their natural form, and so they are higher in fibre and provide your body fuel for longer. They also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Rolled oats are slightly lower in fibre as their processing removes the bran husk. However they are much faster to cook, and so are often a favourite middle ground for busy people.

Instant oats can be a quick and convenient way to add oats to your diet. But there are a few catches to the convenience. Often flavoured varieties are quite high in sugar, and have lower fibre content than we might hope. A good option is to stick with plain varieties and add natural sweeteners like honey, or fruit to add flavour.

With all varieties of oats - the closer to the natural form the better. But with our modern busy lives - it is important to pick a product that suits you best. With any oats - keeping your toppings natural and fresh will always give your health a boost. Adding honey, fruit, berries, and nuts are natural favourites.

No matter which Oats you fancy - we've got you covered! Add some to your cart this week!