All of the cows at Paris Creek Farm are strip grazed.

This means that they are grazing on a strip of grass, set up for the period between milking times. They graze it right down and when they go on the paddock again after milking they are given the next strip. This prevents them from grazing where they grazed before and this prevents them from ever eating from an area they dropped their faeces.

They drink from fresh water troughs and are never it any wonder the herd is healthy, happy and producing milk for many award winning products.

All of the Calves at Paris Creek Farm enjoy milk direct from a mother cow until they are able to digest green pasture and hay, at which point they are integrated into a herd situation, where the Calves start grazing at their own pace with mum.

The herd is made up of Cows, Calves and at times the Bull as it would naturally be.

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