Plastic waste is everywhere in the modern world - and we know it is damaging our oceans in particular.

Sea turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, and even tiny pieces of plastic like the beads in some face washes (not the ones we sell at Lettuce) are ingested by fish, which then can end up back in the fish we eat.
Plastic Free July began in 2011 with a handful of participants in Western Australia, and it has grown to millions of people across more than 150 countries! They are now a not-for-profit charitable foundation. They advocate for changing our habits to create a future without plastic waste. Which is better for our environment and so better for us.

They believe that "by encouraging people to be more aware of their plastic use, we can create a cleaner world for generations to come."

You can find out more about the foundation here:

If you are interested you can sign up and receive useful information to make the plastic-free transition throughout July, and hopefully into the future.

It is timely that our two major supermarkets, Woolworths and Coles are also making the change to remove single-use plastic bags from their registers. This is a huge step forward - and though it may be a difficult transition for some - it will certainly be of great benefit to our environment in the long run!

We of course love this initiative as one of the reasons we do what we because we want to see a sustainable Australia!

Every day we do our bit to ensure we recycle and reuse wherever possible.....

  • We receive some produce in open poly boxes (Corn and Beans), which we swap with other businesses inside Sydney Markets for the poly boxes with lids which we use to pack cold and frozen goodies in your orders.
  • We also get the cardboard boxes we use for your deliveries from growers and suppliers who might otherwise throw them out! And when the boxes reach the end of their life, we take them to Sydney markets to be recycled.
  • You may have also noticed that some time ago we changed to using cornstarch bags in your orders. Cornstarch bags are an alternative to plastic as they are biodegradable, and even though they are a greater expense for us, we know that it is worthwhile.

It is important to know that "degradable" plastics are no substitute for "biodegradable". It is a frequent mistake for everyday shoppers. Unlike biodegradable bags, degradable bags do not break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. A degradable bag is still a petroleum-based plastic bag that breaks down into smaller pieces of plastic. These smaller pieces of plastic have been found in fish like salmon and tuna.

We have a range of Non - Plastic Bags....
BioTuff bin liners which are biodegradable and compostable, Bag to Earth shopping bags which are biodegradable, cute Lettuce Deliver Organic Cotton Tote bags - which are great for shopping trips....

Alternatives to plastic packaging
One of the main drives of Plastic Free July is looking at all the areas of our lives where we use single-use plastic and may not even realize. One area that we know is prone to single-use plastics like bags, and cling wrap is the lunch box.

Consider changing the cling wrap you use for wrapping sandwiches and lunch items for beeswax wraps. We have beeswax wraps in various sizes from Queen B and Blissful Bubbles. Blissful Bubbles also have a vegan alternative that uses natural castor wax instead of beeswax....

These wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap. They can also be a great school holiday project

Check out a previous blog post on how to make your own Beeswax Wraps at home....

Beeswax wraps can be used in place of cling wrap in lots of places - they stick well over bowls and plates in the fridge. They are easy to wipe clean and they have lots of great fabric designs.

When it comes to lunches, it's easy to resort to plastic packaging for its convenience, but paper bags are easy to substitute - and are recyclable and naturally biodegradable! We have a range of sizes of brown paper bags. Or if you are looking to keep things fresh, or taking left-over's for lunch - we also have a great range of stainless steel containers - which are super durable and convenient for carrying lunch to work - or for taking to your local takeaway to use instead of Styrofoam or plastic packaging.

Keep it fun with cotton canvas lunch bags and pouches! Washable and able to be stored compactly, the pouches and bags by Keep Leaf and Fluf have great designs, and will help you leave the plastic behind.

.....So you have plenty of options available to you to change out your plastics for more eco-friendly options...which we can deliver with your Certified Organic, Aussie Grown Fruit & Veges this week. Take a wonder around our site with fresh eyes this week.