It's getting to that time of the year again when potatoes sem to feature more heavily in our weekly meal plan. The cooler days and nights call for more comfort food and there are so many comforting ways one can cook the humble spud! 

Here's a quick guide to the usual suspects we offer at Lettuce...

Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes may seem imposing to the home cook - their colour is so striking that they seem too different to the humble spud that many don't go near them, saying "I wouldn't know how to cook it."
But Purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, and are really good for you, and can be just as tasty as their white brethren. Note that they are best eaten with their skins on if you want the most nutritional benefit, as that is where the most antioxidants and nutrients are.

Sapphire Potatoes
Small-ish and round in shape, with a white layer near the skin, and dark purple to purple marble in centre.

Unusual for a purple potato - these take mashing quite well, though the flesh may turn greyish if overcooked. Great roasted, with skins on, with some herbs, salt, and a little butter.

Midnight Pearl Potatoes
Dark purple inside and out, possibly with a slight marble inside.
Great roasted, or in dishes like ratatouille. Doesn't lose its colour through cooking - so is eye catching in salads.

White Potatoes

The humble potato often gets a bad reputation as being a starchy comfort food that adds kilos to the hips. This just isn't true of the potato itself. It is full of fibre, potassium, vitamins and minerals, and if prepared to bring out its best, can rival other "healthy" foods. (Just go easy on the frying, butter and cream!)

Round shape, pink skin and pale yellow waxy flesh
Keep shape when cooked. They are good roasted, sliced into chips or wedges or used in salads.

Oblong shape, rich yellow skin, yellow buttery flesh.
Makes a terrific salad or boiling potato but is also great for mash, dry baking and gratins and baked dishes but not recommended for frying.

Long oval shape, white skin, white flesh.
A very versatile spud. They can be baked, fried, boiled, grilled, mashed, and added to any stew or casserole.

Dutch Cream
Large oval shape, yellow waxy flesh, thin skin and a rich, buttery taste.
The great all-rounder! Dutch cream are the do everything variety - and that's why they are so often included in our seasonal boxes.