Sauerkraut-bg.jpgFermented foods, like sauerkraut and kimchi, have been a staple of traditional diets for centuries.  In recent years fermented foods have gained new popularity for a range of health benefits, and unique flavours.

Studies have shown that foods like sauerkraut and kimchi improve digestive health and enhance immune function. This is because of the living good bacteria that is present. In some products the preservation processes (pasteurization) kills the good bacteria, so the key is to find naturally fermented products that use raw ingredients.

Lettuce Deliver has a great range of krauts and kimchi that are organic and made to ensure the good bacteria make it to your table.

If you haven't tired our krauts and kimchi, it can be daunting to know where to begin. Our range has a variety of sizes, so if you are not sure, start with the slaws from Botanical Cuisine. Their 200g slaws are a great way to test the waters.

Gutsy krauts are a little bigger, at 450g, but also offer an Apple, Radish Kimchi if you want to try the spicier side of our range.

Our larger jars are for those who love kraut and have incorporated it into their lives. Peace, Love & Vegetables krauts and kimchi (580g),  also feature a variety of medicinal herbs and Australian bush foods.

Kehoe's Kitchen top off our range with 650g jars. They have great flavours, as well as a traditional variety of kraut. They also have two kimchi's - White Kimchi (Mild), and their original Kimchi (medium heat).

Our Suppliers:

Botanical Cuisine
Based in Collingwood VIC, Botanical Cuisine believe a thoughtful approach to food is paramount. They use premium, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. The focus on minimizing their processing of their products, to ensure a simple and natural result. They also make a great range of nut cheeses,  as well as their unique fermented slaw.

Gutsy is the only sauerkraut maker in QLD who ferment their batches in oak barrels. They believe this makes their kraut taste better, and it means there is no risk of chemicals leaching from plastic containers. They are passionate about supporting local farmers and seeing the love for organic foods grow.

Peace, Love & Vegetables
The tribe at Peace, Love & Vegetables is lead by Anya and Adam. Based in Byron Bay NSW, this company was born in 2011 and has grown from a backyard passion project through to the thriving company it is today. Their products are handmade, full of organic ingredients, medicinal herbs, spices, and native Australian bush foods.

Kehoe's Kitchen
Kehoe's Kitchen is family owned and operated. It is based in Brisbane QLD. Their sauerkrauts and kimchi won gold at the 2016 Australian Food Awards. They believe in producing high-quality products using traditional methods and organic ingredients. Kehoe's Kitchen has a great variety of sauerkraut and kimchi in larger jars for those who are committed to their kraut.