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It’s clear you do more than buy organic groceries online when you choose Lettuce Deliver. We can say that with absolute certainty now we have completed the survey. 

We’ve learnt from our survey as well as time spent delivering yummy organic produce and other wonders to you all is how much of a community there is. The Lettuce Deliver team is one you regard well for customer service. You also rate the quality of our produce highly.

But more than that, you’re not afraid of showing your affection for us online, in our survey and via email. It is moments like this that make us incredibly proud of what we do. You definitely put a smile on our faces!

Lettuce return the love to our loyal customers

We have a few champions who are quick to share happy snaps of their food and items on Instagram after they buy organic groceries online from us. Samibloom gives us amazing amounts of love via Instagram and SnapChat. And Aaron of @veganlifer77 is another lovely individual often sharing the love for Lettuce Deliver with his photos.

Speaking of Instagram, we just love being featured by the amazing nutritionist Zoe Bingley-Pullin in her recipe and food adventures. You may recognise Zoe from her healthy eating program, Falling in love with food. Or you may know her from Channel 10 or her book, Eat Taste Nourish. We were both humbled and incredibly proud to be featured in her book, blog and other food adventures when it came to produce.

Lettuce Deliver also has some referral kings and queens who share our story with their friends. They are also more than happy to provide open, honest feedback every step of the way. They include Jane Grover, Angela Hywood & Janella Purcell, just to name a few....

Plus we’ve received some love via youTube with Hollystics Body & Business for Brittany's Holistic Health Journey. Check out the video here. If that isn’t an endorsement to buy organic groceries online from Lettuce Deliver wrapped in a whole lot of love and information, we don’t know what is!

And then there are the heartfelt, extremely generous Facebook reviews we receive. You may not realise it, but each time you take the time to review us on Facebook, we receive more new customers to our business that are looking to buy organic groceries online. This in turn allows us to keep giving you the services, produce and products you know and love as our customer base grows.

If the same review magic spilled over to Google Reviews, we would be even more grateful as this helps people find us when they search.

Without the public displays of affection via social media, via email and through word of mouth, we wouldn’t be the business we are today. So thank you!

Sharing more of the same in the future

We’d love to bring the Lettuce Deliver community together online to share information and tips. As such, we welcome you using the following tags on social media so we can spot you in the crowd:

·         #lettucedeliverorganics

·         #lettucedeliver

We invite you to post photos of your deliveries and the delicious meals you make using our products and when you buy organic groceries online from us.

If you’re a food blogger, nutritionist or healthy eating advocate who regularly uses our produce for your cooking, drop us an email. We’d love to feature you on our blog and social media channels with the yummy recipes you create.

We’re also looking for regular customers to Lettuce Deliver with different tales to share their stories with us. For example, you may be enjoying a vegan and/or gluten free diet and want to share how you do so.

Or perhaps you are helping your kids understand the value of local, organic farming. Maybe you are passionate about the local movement, the environment and preserving resources through smarter food shopping.

It could be that health and lifestyle changes have been a catalyst for you switching to Lettuce Deliver and you want others to understand why. Or you are using healthy eating to aid with pregnancy or reaching your peak performance as a sports player.

Whatever the case, if you want your story shared with the Lettuce Deliver community, get in touch via

One of the most powerful ways to learn is taking advice and experiences from others. So we’ll continue to share tips, tricks and recipes for you to try. And we invite you to do the same.

Lettuce share the love with everybody!

Want to participate? Use the tags #lettucedeliver and #lettucedeliverorganics on your favourite social media platforms. Comment and review us on Facebook and Google. Or drop us an email via today!