What can we say about a vegetable that is widely known to impart the super human qualities of being able to see in the dark? It is obviously true, because rabbits don’t wear glasses, but science has also come to the party identifying carrots as a very high source of pro-vitamin A.

According to the World Health Organization, vitamin A deficiency partially or totally blinds nearly 350,000 children from more than 75 countries every year.

The answer is better nutrition through super foods like carrots.

The next question is how to eat them. To cook or not to cook, that is the question!

Are Carrots more nutritious in their raw state than when cooked? Although a raw carrot technically has more goodness in it this is not necessarily the healthiest way to eat it. For unless the carrot is juiced then consumed, the body cannot get to all that goodness because of the very thick cellular walls of the carrot. This confirms the ancient wisdom in traditional Chinese medicine where physicians have always recommended that their patients eat lightly-cooked carrots in order to get the best nutritional absorption.

Do not over do it in your carrot fever however, or your skin will turn yellow! - It's called Carotenemia! There are two possible reasons why your skin turns orange. Either your body is unable to process all the carotene properly in the carrot juice you are drinking, or your liver is toxic. Either way, you turn orange!

Carrots are actually extremely good for the liver, and through their alkalizing and gently diuretic affect can be a good part of any detox, with carrots also having been known to dissolve gallstones.

When well cooked they are an excellent convalescent food and are a traditional folk remedy for cancer. Carrots can be incorporated into a treatment strategy for inflammatory bowel disorders and even arthritis.

For an excellent blood cleanser juice three carrots with half a lemon (skin and all) and a
small bunch of parsley, but need I even say it …? Only use organic ingredients!!!!!!

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