Over our Christmas/New Year Break we have mixed a little business with pleasure - visiting our friends Shane & Julie Eldridge in Murray Bridge, SA.

Until I met Shane, which was back in 1996 I had never been inside a glasshouse....it is a real experience - almost magical, especially if the greenery is touching and covering the ceiling of the house. I had remembered this feeling from so many years ago and couldn't wait for my children to share the experience.    

As I'm sure you can imagine we are really pushed for time this week, so I will leave this post here with a few pics to enjoy. Make sure you check out Shane's Grower Profile .


This is the Celery crop that will be ready in approx 2 weeks time. It is in a shade house, not a glasshouse.














We all picked a Lebanese Cucumber from the vine and ate it while walking through the vines. Yum !














This is why Red Capsicum are so pricey. So many become bad before turning red...and they need to be spot picked as some ripen faster than others. 















Yum. Best tomato I have ever eaten.















Surrounded ; )















I found very few Snowpeas that were actually straight and flat.















Ruby & Jett ate quite a few of Shane's profits : )















Cocktail Tomatoes are on special this week - $7.00 for 1kg or more.















Ben, Tyson (Shane's Son), Jett, Shane, Olivia (Shane's youngest daughter) & Ruby in one of the bigger houses.















Talk about Busting at the seams - can't keep these little Cherry Tomatoes in !















...and we couldn't travel to SA without visiting our friends Graeme and Fiona Schultz from Forest Orchards!