Rob Bauer, one of the pioneers of the organic industry, started growing organically in the early 1980’s, just as his ancestors did on the family farm at Mount Sylvia back in 1885.

His farms are certified organic (ACO and USDA NOP). He grows using organic and biodynamic principles and enjoys producing delicious, healthy food for customers in his own ‘chemical-free’ paradise. With super fertile soils he chooses not to use organic composts and organic fertilisers as he simply doesn’t need to. “You just need to look after the soil and keep it healthy”, he says.

2016 heralds a new era for Bauer's Organic Farm as Rob goes back to his roots a little more by getting more in touch with his valued organic customers. After a major change to the business in February 2016, Rob is now working the farms in conjunction with his youngest son Phil Bauer, who has been the farm's Qualified Diesel Mechanic for many years and Trudy Townson, the farm's long term Public Relations Co-ordinator.

Bauer's Organic Farm is made up of two certified organic properties located in the extremely fertile Lockyer Valley. One at Mount Sylvia and the other close-by in the same valley at Upper Tenthill. Blackfellow Creek which runs through both farms supplies top quality water to compliment the excellent soil. The properties total approx 340 acres with 150 acres being cultivated.

About half the farm is devoted to organic vegies and hay, with the remainder of the 'hilly' treed country and creek areas providing habitat for wildlife and the good organic-farm-critters. They have been
registered as a Land for Wildlife farm for many years and were also pioneers of the Landcare Movement in Australia. Their vegies have won many national awards and are favoured by top chefs for
their flavour. Check out the website