Michael and Jenny Bogicevic began Coolibah Herbs around 30 years ago in Pearcedale, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. They initially began growing a variety of flowers and vegetable on 18 hectares, to be sold via the wholesale markets in Melbourne. When the farm began producing Mesclun salad mix, the demand led them to buying an adjoining farm. 

Since then, their business has rapidly evolved and in 1995 they acquired additional land in Mildura, increasing their land mass to a total of 486 hectares. This expansion not only allowed them to keep up with their increasing consumer demand, but it gave them a diverse geographical production option, allowing them to supply some produce slightly out of season. Coolibah Herbs now own outlets in the wholesale markets of both Melbourne and Sydney, as well as to other consumers around Australia and for export. Their farm at Dalesford is accredited by AQIS (Australia Quarantine Inspection Services), and they rely on the principle of farming practices that rely on natural cycles rather than chemical intervention.

As technology has advanced, Coolibah's production techniques and equipment have modernised, allowing them to keep pace with the increasing demand. This is a principle that they still adhere to today. Recently, to further cope with the increasing production and sales, a multi-million dollar automated processing facility and cool room was installed on the main property in Pearcedale. They also have a state of the art wash line and dual centrifuge system, allowing them to ensure all produce is properly cleaned, washed and excess moisture is removed before packaging, resulting in a superior product of the highest quality.

It is important to Coolibah Herbs to ensure that they have full control over all stages of growth of their produce, from germination to transport. Seeds are germinated in their own nursery, they use their own specially developed potting mix, transport using their own fleet of refrigerated trucks and regularly conduct tests for chemical and microbiological analysis on the products, soil and water used. They can also trace every item back to the seed batch that they were grown from.

Coolibah Herbs are a business that are dedicated to fulfilling their consumer and staff responsibilities, as well as the resources they use and the environment in which they operate. They follow rigorous audit standards and strive to go beyond these standards in pursuit of excellence. This applies to all of Coolibah Herbs' operations and sets out the minimum standards which Coolibah Herbs expects from employees in their internal and external dealings.

As a business they understand the importance of long-term sustainability of the environment in all areas which they operate. They are keen on promoting  the wildlife on its farms, and keep people informed of the ever-changing natural environment in and around Coolibah Herbs. They are regularly updated by conservationists interested in the area. They also keep up to the minute reports of any rare species that have been spotted in the area of any of their properties!

Coolibah Herbs have been providing Lettuce Deliver with excellent herbs, Mesclun salad mixes, pre-packed products, spinach and Asian greens for so many years. Their quality is exceptional, and they are constantly evolving to supply consumers with the new ranges of produce that they require today, as well as thinking innovatively to fulfil the demand of tomorrow.