Lettuce customers have been enjoying Patrice Newell's famous Italian Garlic since 2009. It was our friend Roger Sternhell who put us onto the magnificent goodies coming from Elmswood Farm when he had a career change and began working with Patrice. Roger knows a thing or two about produce considering he founded Dynamic Organics which was a very successful Organic Home Delivery Service in the Northern Beaches...we would often be fighting over produce in the wee hours of the morning when most normal people are sleeping.  So when Roger called to say he had access to the best garlic in Australia we knew we had to have it !...and we have not looked back since.

Elmswood Farm is 10,000 acres of prime agricultural land in the Upper Hunter Valley of New South Wales, which embraces the tiny town of Gundy and rises from river flats to a mountain top sometimes dusted with snow. Purchased by Phillip Adams and Patrice Newell in 1986, the farm produces beef cattle, honey, olive oil and garlic. Patrice also makes her own olive oil based soap, which we offer Lettuce customers each season.

Patrice decided instead of high pressure factory farming that relies on chemical dependencies, they have kept things simple at Elmswood, making 'slow food' with a respect for tradition and the soil using biodynamic practices.  Wanting people who buy their products to know where it came from, and the care and effort that went into producing it. Elmswood have a fantastic website that is updated regularly with up to date info about 'what's happening' on the farm. Check it out http://www.patricenewell.com.au/elmswood-farm.html

We're so pleased that Roger thought about Lettuce Deliver customers and the quality he knew they had grown to expect when he was in a position to sell us Patrice's famous Garlic, Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap.