Certified with ACO 11259A 

Angus and Sonya Dowling own and operate Enviroganic Farm, which is located in Murringo via Young. The farm is located approximately 4 hours drive from Sydney in the picturesque Hilltops region of Southern NSW. Angus & Sonya have been supplying us with their quality chickens and turkeys since 2002 when they became certified with the Organic Food Chain. The property itself has been farmed organically since 1999, when Angus and Sonya took over the reigns of the 1000 Acre family farm. The property has been farmed by the Dowling Family since the 1840’s.

Sonya being from a nursing background and Angus being a born and bred Farmer who attended Agricultural College, they discussed their options about their future and the future of the land. With history in conventional farming Angus and Sonya knew that they wanted to farm organically……after much research they decided to try chickens and started to produce around 50 organic meat birds per week. Initially the chickens were housed in shift-able sheds.

Today Enviroganic Farm boasts 8 housing sheds for the chickens, surrounded by fields that support optimum health and well being…each bird is given unlimited access to the surrounding pastures of their housing during day light (also referred to as Free- Range). Sheep and Lambs are also grazed alongside the poultry in a rotational system to ensure pasture and soil health. The Dowling’s have also planted an extensive range of native trees throughout the property and set aside large areas for native plants and animals, to help balance the farms ecosystem and keep the property in a state of well-being.

The birds are purchased from a nearby hatchery at only a few hours old….and after much love, care and feeding the birds reach 1.5kg in around 7 weeks…when they are then sent off to a certified organic abattoir just outside Sydney to start their preparation to be sold. The chickens, spatchocks and turkeys produced on Enviroganic Farm are fed a balanced diet of cereal grains and legumes, the combination has been developed by a Poultry Nutrionist, and the exact mix ‘a family secret’…. as the milling is done in house on the Farm.

Only 7 years on and Enviroganic Farm has reached legendary status, not only in the Organic community but also with hard marking foodies like Margaret Fulton, who personally recommends poultry from the Dowling’s farm as having ‘superb flavour’. The farm now produces around 4000 birds per week for the Australian market.

As you can imagine Angus, Sonya and their three small Children Hamish, Anna and Archie as well as Sonya’s right hand woman Kerry are all kept very busy….The Farm employs 5 full-time and 4 part-time staff to help bring you the chickens we supply at Lettuce Deliver each week, as well as the delicious turkeys we offer you each Christmas.

When we asked Sonya about her greatest challenge on the Farm she told us that the drought was the biggest worry. .Sonya also said that she loves her life, loves where she lives….and has no intention of moving away from her passion for sustainability of land, environment and her rural community.

We applaud the Dowling’s for their commitment to the environment as well as producing organic chickens of the highest quality and integrity that we can then offer to you !

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