The Benson Family who own and operate Forest Hill Farm, situated near Devonport on the rich red basalt soils of Tasmania's North - West coast have been supplying Lettuce Deliver via Sydney Wholesalers with their fantastic produce for quite a number of years. Consisting of close to 400 Hectares of land over 5 farms, the family grows certified organic vegetables including carrots, onions, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, pumpkins beetroot as well cattle and sheep. 

Although you would not know it when you call the Farm and speak to Chris, this is a big scale Farm - that not only supplies the local market here in Australia but also exports to Asia and Europe.

Continually increasing quantities to meet demands from retailers, supermarkets and wholesalers, the Farm employs up to a hundred people in both the farming and packing areas of the farm.

Forest Hill Farm began the organic conversion period in December 1998 and was certified organic in December 2001 by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). Having gained the SQF certification, they have been able to gain access to a wide range of markets. SQF certification assures buyers and customers that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards.

The Benson family are always looking to expand their range of available produce...continually trialling produce in their very own humble garden patch. If these trials are successful they then apply  the same principles on a much larger broad acre scale, using the latest technology to maintain the crops.

For most of the year Forest Hill Farm supply at least one of the lines that Lettuce Deliver customers are enjoying . Employing consecutive weekly plantings of their major lines of vegetables allows the family to supply  fresh, high quality organic produce for the most part of each season.

Forest Hill are famous for the quality Summer Broccoli that we offer Lettuce Customers from November each year, as well as their Summer Cauli's that become available as the Harm's finish their season. Carrots, Potatoes and Garlic from Forest Hill Farm are also regulars on our list.