'It’s my touch of madness in the UNESCO Bookmark Biosphere Reserve where fruit growing land is shared with station country on the edge of the Outback near Berri in South Australia. The 230 plus species of birds in the Biosphere, may they all come to our place. The no tillage protects the creatures, especially the ”sleepy” lizards which give birth to live young. A family of kangaroos are happy with our farm and flocks of ibis are beautiful. Under the mulch millions of small creatures bustle about.

In 1986 we dumped the use of all chemicals and became level A organic since 1990. But we are best described as natural farmers.

With no tillage, no insecticides, no herbicides and a minimum of water, we let nature have her way. With this minimal interference with nature we have a farm with much biodiversity, producing fruit and wine with high quality and flavour.

For instance 300 days of sunshine and a no spray regime allows natural indigenous yeasts to develop on the skins of our grape berries. It is these yeasts which are used in the fermentation of our wine to provide great character and complexity.'

”The vineyard responsible for Tom’s Drop is an environmental triumph”
Philip White-Adelaide Independent Weekly (24 Nov. 2007)

Natural & Organic Farming in the UNESCO Bookmark Biosphere Reserve on the edge of the OUTBACK

Michael O'Donohoe has been supplying Lettuce Deliver with his magnificent Apricots since we started in 1999 and his sought after Red Wines since 2002.