Mount Warning Spring Water located in the picturesque Uki, near Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia provides Lettuce Deliver with one of the purest Spring Waters in the world.

Owned by Shaun & Tessa Martin, the 700 acre property from which the water is sourced has been in the Martin Family since 1904. Initially running Bullocks, Shaun’s great grandfather chose the property as it had a running water supply...who could have known, that in 2002, almost 100 years later, a water diviner would stumble across a 200 metre wide spring water aquifer that runs directly under the property.

2 years later, ‘Mount Warning Spring Water’ was born with Shaun & Tessa building a start-of-the-art bottling plant on the property which captures the spring water at a depth of 77 metres, and allows bottling at the source.

The Martins chose the name ‘Mount Warning’ for the business as the pristine water source is right at the base of Mount Warning in Northern New South Wales.

The mountain itself is actually an extinct volcano that is surrounded by lush sub tropical rainforests, National Parks and World Heritage sites. Named ‘Mount Warning’ in 1770 by Captain James Cook, the volcano was used to alert seafarers of the dangerous reefs along the coast of Australia. To Aborigines, this mountain is known as ‘Wollumbin’ or ‘Cloud Catcher’ and is an important sacred site. 

The origin of the water is subtropical rains blown in from thousands of kilometres of untouched open Pacific Ocean. The rains travel down through layers of ancient volcanic rock filtering through into the confined aquifer below the valley floor. This slow journey deep beneath the geological formation of the volcano naturally filters and mineralises the water, creating its unique and stable combination of essential minerals that reinforce its purity and contribution to good health.

Both the original still and sparkling varieties share the water’s unique mineral composition, being rich in calcium (39mg/L), magnesium (18mg/L) and natural carbonates. Mount Warning Spring Water’s Still variety is also naturally alkaline, having a pH of 7.5, which assists the body to hydrate and detox.

Mount Warning Spring Water is a Registered ACO product, which is your guarantee that the water’s source and bottling process are free from chemical impurities and that the land surrounding the water source is free from pesticides and pollution.

The family is so committed to the environment that the business is Certified 100% Carbon Neutral. This means that all greenhouse gas emissions created during the lifecycle of a bottle of Mount Warning Spring Water, from manufacture through to consumption and decomposition, are offset by the family’s investments in green energy and carbon credits.

Today, with a 25 mega litre allocation of water each year, we anticipate our sales at Lettuce Deliver will just be met as our customers become addicted to this unique spring water. We’re sure that Shaun’s great grandfather smiles each time he considers his underestimate of how much running water he actually had available to him when he purchased the property...

We thank the three generations of Martins now living on the property for providing us with an Australian owned Spring Water that competes with the best known mineral, spring and table waters in the world.