Murray River Organics is Australia's largest grower and produce of fruit and premium organic dried fruit.

George Nemtsas purchased a block, of what was Murray bush at the time, from the Victorian Government in 1970. He cleared the land and over the next 15 years converted it to organic vineyards which he named ‘Jacob Park’. These original farms are still part of Murray River Organics’ properties and they continue to produce some of Australia’s finest Apricots which we offer to our Lettuce Deliver customers each season as well as organic dried fruits, including sultanas & currants.

George's oldest son, Andrew  joined his father in the business and quickly rose to managing the family farms. Andrew led the conversion of all the properties to full organic certification by ACO (Australian Certified Organic). Driven by his passion for organic farming and growing healthy and sustainable food, Andrew also became an Auditor with ACO.

When George looked to retire from the day to day running of the farm, his son, Jamie Nemtsas, who had grown up living and breathing organic farming before choosing a career in finance returned to the farm, wanting  to preserve the property as well as the families high quality organic products.

Today Murray River Organics is bigger than ever and is owned and run by Jamie and his business partner Erling Sorenson who work tirelessly with the other members of the Murray River Organics team to ensure that Murray River Organics has the infrastructure in place to maintain its position as the largest organic grower and producer of organic dried fruit in Australia, and one of the largest in the world.

We offer Lettuce Deliver customers both Dried Raisins and Currants from Murray River Organics. We receive the fruit in bulk boxes and then repackage in 250gm bags in our NASAA Certified Warehouse. Add a pack to your order today, the quality is exceptional.