Between them, Don and Elaine have a combined 40years experience in vegetable seed crops, agronomy and agricultural research. Their home property has been under organic management since 2002 and is fully certified. Since then, they have expanded their properties to 3, increasing their total property area to 106 ha so they can meet the demand for their produce. Recently they expanded into far north Queensland allowing them to supply their major produce lines all year round. All of their properties are certified organic. They have been supplying Lettuce with a wide range of summer and winter crops for years.

Nature's Haven developed from a love of growing plants and acknowledgement of the unnecessary use of chemicals in agriculture. "This led to the philosophy that if you provide healthy soils, adequate water, good nutrition and a natural balanced ecosystem plants will be in an environment where they can look after themselves."

Nature's Haven is located at Coleambally which is in the Southern Riverina NSW. Coleambally forms part of the irrigation network of the Riverina, which forms one of Australia's major food bowls. The Coleambally area, thus their NSW properties, have access to reliable, good quality irrigation water which is sourced from the Murrumbidgee River via flows from Burrunjuck and Blowering Dams.

At Nature's Haven, Don and Elaine promote the 'Organic Philosophy'. This philosophy is to encourage healthier lifestyles and protect the local environment. They measure themselves by three elements; quality produce, respect for the environment and a safe and happy workplace. By maintaining these standards, they have become a successful commercial business that provides nutritionally sound produce to health conscious consumers.