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Our Fresh Produce Report

This report was updated on Wednesday 17th October  for deliveries 22nd - 25th October 2018

Monday Delivery: Order by 4pm Sunday. 
Tuesday Delivery: Order by midnight Sunday.
Wednesday/Thursday Delivery: Order by 9.30am Monday.
Some things are worth the wait !

Some specialty items like Bread & Dairy have specific order cut off times. Please check these out when placing your order.

If you find you have missed the Cut-off's simply call our office - of course we will do our best to fill an order for you if we can : )

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PRODUCE SPECIAL :  Silverbeet - $3.80 per bunch. Coming from Joe Cremona in Berkshire Park, NSW. 

GROCERY SPECIAL : Rawries Raw Vegan Dessert Bars - 15% off all of October (Introductory Offer)
Rawries have added to their amazing Vegan Range of Chocolates and Crackers with their amazing Raw Vegan Dessert Bars. So decadently rich but without the wheat, dairy or added sugar. Simply, unprocessed goodness.

  • We are really getting to the bottom of the barrel with our Apple supply....this time of the year our packing of apples literally takes us twice the amount of time as we carefully roll each piece to inspect for breakdown and even then the fruit can deteriorate on their way to your place. Being stored in coolrooms with a constant temperature for so long, can on change of temperature send fruit literally droopy, wrinkly and/or rotten before your eyes. As many veterans of Lettuce know, this time of year always prompts a note from us regarding 'fresh fruit' or lack of it....the reality is that we are essentially sending you out 'old fruit' and this is the case for most of the Winter fruits. There is a window of time these fruits are ready to be picked...they are taken off the trees and then stored in coolrooms until the kitty is empty. Obviously as time moves on, these fruits are ageing...and with no post harvest spraying to prolong life or looks...the fruit becomes 'older' with every day that passes. We are very conscious of the quality of the goodies we supply you, every fresh item is handled by 2 staff members upon packing who are checking for any quality rest assured it is not in our interest to send out produce that we know you would not be happy with as we offer a 'quality guarantee'. ....but warmer weather and end of season fruits can present unexpected problems that can literally happen over a few hours. We are very transparent about the quality of our produce and welcome your feedback - both good and bad....In saying that, it's no secret the Winter Fruit we have on offer is on it's last legs - that's Apples, Grapefruit (some of which looked as though they had the pox this week - thankfully brown marks were only skin deep),  Navel Oranges, Pears (now arriving with some discoloration on the skins) and Mandarins (now displaying some surface marks). Any major problems please lettuce know. Remember that all Winter fruits need to be stored in the fridge. As a result of the increasingly limited variety in fruit the seasonal boxes seem a little heavy in the veg department with good reason....Know what to expect. Pick in apples is still Fuji & Pink Lady from Forest Orchards. Keep in mind that Pink Ladies bruise really easily at the end of the season ! These bruises are more often than not simply skin deep, so you may think about peeling for your little ones at least....this may also help with consumption of Grannies as they are now quite slippery and arriving with some discoloration on the skins (scolding). New apple season will begin again in January/February from McMahon in Pozieres, QLD.
  • Aussie Kiwifruit season has come to an abrupt end this week. I'm sure you will all agree it has been a good one! For those of you who had Kiwi in your orders delivered week starting Monday the 15th....keep an eye on your fruit and refrigerate. The fruit is ripening at lightning speed. 
  • most season' is the QLD Rains that bring down the curtain on Pim's Strawberry supply....and guess what - it's raining in Glasshouse Mountains. Any shortage in Strawberries from Pim will be made up with fruit from McMahon. Before we know it we will have Fred Rowdosky's Summer Strawberries back on the list! 
  • ...Kevin Legg has also confirmed today that his first pick of Apricots is expected to be 3 weeks from now - Woohoo. Until then, you can add a little Summer to your order with NT mangoes - amazingly good for this time of year. Blueberries, Hass Avocadoes, Bananas - Cavendish in particular, Passionfruit & Paw Paw were fantastic this week. 
  • All our locally grown greens coming from Charlie, Paul, Rachel and Joe have been superb and are literally bursting out of the ground. Cos, Green Oak, Mini Cos, Minuette & Red Oak quality have improved immensely over the last 2 weeks or so. Try something new this week - Joe has a heap of Minuette that will be ready for the weekend - only $2.20 per head. Yes, it is a red lettuce....but it is sweet not bitter. Silverbeet is also in good supply and bunches are big - our produce special for next week - $3.80 per bunch. 
  • Just a little reminder that there is no comparison (in terms of quality) when comparing Cauli's grown in QLD during the cooler months to Cauli's grown in the warmer weather from Victoria & NSW which are generally not as densely formed and are often a shade or two off white. You'd never know though, once you have cooked it! 
  • Generally speaking our Veges have been great - Leeks, Broad Beans, Nicola Potatoes, Bok Choy, Broccolini, Kale - all varieties, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Lebanese Cucumber, Red Capsicum, Snowpeas, Asparagus, Beans, Herbs, Italian Garlic, Shallots, Dutch Carrots, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Pumpkin - both Jap and Butternut were stand outs this week.
  • Glenrose Eggs on Grower Special this week. These amazing pastured eggs come from Eden & Jason Bruessow in Findon Creek, via Kyogle in NSW. The hens free range unrestricted on the farm which has been  biodynamic since 1984. The hens have constant access to certified organic grain and lush pasture. Eden's lucky 2000 Hens free range over 8 hectares.
  • Needles in Apples and Strawberries??? is possible - but we do not expect that it will occur. Our fruit is not waiting around for sales and is at no point handled or touched by the general public. Both our Apples and Strawberries are delivered from Farm via Flemington Markets to our warehouse in Homebush - the fruit is sent via family owned transport companies that offload the pallets at Sydney Markets which we collect. It would appear the initial problem with the tampering of fruit happened on Farm, and has now become a 'copy cat' act in other isolated incidence. Can I assure everyone that both our Apples and Strawberries come from small family farms....both Pim Mens (Strawberries) and Graeme and Fiona Schultz (Apples) take part in every aspect of supply from picking the actual fruit, to packing and wrapping. At our end our family is also part of every aspect of supply and like those we deal with, staff are like family to us. The thought of a needle in the fruit we are consuming is horrifying and has been damaging to fresh produce sales for good reason. We are confident that we will not have a problem with our fruit....but....we should all be consuming with caution at this time. Thinking of Pim's Strawberries - could you please check your berries. Pim has experienced quite a lot of rain on this patch and a wet Strawberry left in a closed punnet can literally turn the whole 250gm into a furry mess before you know it. Keep in mind that as we approach end of season, your Strawberries will have a few more seeds than you may expect. 
  • Did you know we have Recipe Packages, also simply known as Meal Inspiration for those of us preparing dinner for the fam each evening...Head to our Meal Inspiration Page to find this week's selection of Recipe inspirations. We know you all have things in your pantry like Olive Oil so with our packages you can simply add the package to your cart and then delete any goodies you don't require. So simple !  
  • Please return our boxes, icepacks and plastic boxes containing soft fruits and veges! These can be used over and over again if treated with care. We also welcome the return of all other packaging material that may find it's way into your order, egg cartons, bubble wrap, lettuce and spinach boxes, etc. I know many are sceptical about the recycling of goods through local councils....but please be assured we deliver all of the packaging material we use (when the end of their life is upon us) into Sydney Markets where recycling is a big business.....Please leave all these goodies in your returning boxes out for our drivers to collect on your next delivery.

We have updated our website with the most up to date and accurate information available to us at this time, but due to many factors including that most of the produce is yet to be picked there is of course some uncertainty with our expected supply. The good news is that we have quite a few supply options available to us and so we may list a Grower on our site that does not end up supplying us goodies this week. Rest assured we only deal in Certified Organic, Australian Grown Fruit and Veges - so any replacements we may supply to you from other Aussie Growers will also be grown in line with the National Organic Standard. You don't have to take our word for it... Lettuce Deliver is also a Certified Organic Retailer (NASAA Retailer R9291) which means that we have to be able to prove any claims we make about a products organic status at a moment's notice : )


As many of you are already aware there has been an amendment made to the NSW Dairy Food Safety Scheme in relation to the sale of raw milk - even if it is not being sold as a food product. At this time we are working through the new regulations and hope to have Trevor's products back on the list soon.

MILK many cases the Milk we offer you needs to be pre-ordered at our end a week in advance. Most of the time our guess- timates are spot on...but we have been caught out on the odd occasion. We do have a number of Dairy options available to us and so if we run short  on some varieties, we may look to others to fill the gap. If you would like us to supply ONLY the milk you have ordered or nothing at all, please make a note with your order.


As you know, we charge your credit card for your delivery total on the day of or day after your delivery. Please ensure that we have your up to date credit card details and that there are sufficient funds available on the day of your delivery for us to process your payment.