bay_leaves.jpgArtificial Antibiotics, Hormones and Pesticides

Conventionally farmed livestock are routinely administered with antibiotics and hormones to keep them healthy and grow quickly. These substances of course pass into the meat, which when eaten develop reduced immunity to antibiotics in those that consume them.

The British Medical Association has stated that ‘The risk to human health of antibiotic resistance…is one of the major health threats of the 21st Century.’ There is also evidence to suggest that growth hormones from conventionally farmed meat can lead to a wide variety of human endocrine disorders, from obesity to cancers.

Many chemical pesticides are directly related to nerve gases. They are designed to kill. Some degrade fairly quickly, while others accumulate in the body fat of people and animals, passed on to the consumer in milk and meat.

Organic farming strictly prohibits the use of these artificial additives.

Genetically Modified Organisms also known as GE – Genetic Engineering

Genetic modified food is a radical technology that manipulates genes and DNA – the blue print of living things. Unlike traditional breeding processes, GM takes genes from one life form and crosses them with those of another. Genes from bacteria, viruses, plants and animals, have been inserted into soybeans, canola, corn and cotton to grow experimental crops. These crops are processed into foods and sold all over the world. They are bought by us and served up on our plates. Right now, millions of Australians are eating GMO’s, without even realizing it !
GMO’s are unnatural, unnecessary and unwanted. Contrary to industry claims, genetic engineering is both unpredictable and risky. GMO’s pose threats to our health, to the health of our children, the environment and the rights of Farmers.

Thankfully you can feel confident that GMO’s are completely banned in Organic Farming. The only concern being that with the extent of GMO crops in even Australia now that cross-pollination could adversely affect organic food. Help by boycotting genetically engineered food to stop this horrific altering of life.