health_lettuce.jpgOrganic Food is good for you !! Fresh Organic fruit and vegetables contain on average more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than conventionally farmed produce. Organic Food also tastes better ! Organic fresh produce is exceptionally fresh (especially when purchased through Lettuce Deliver, considering your produce is picked, packed and delivered just for you, generally within a period of no more than 5 days). The produce is full of juice and flavour, while you can see from the available list of produce we have for sale that there are also many different varieties to choose from each season. Organic Meat, poultry and dairy are of an excellent quality and have been found to have on average a lower saturated fat content.

Vitamins and Minerals

Generally the reason Organic fruit and veg contains more vitamins and minerals than their conventional equivalent, is due to the way the food is grown. Organic food is grown from fertile, healthy soil and allowed to ripen naturally, obtaining the maximum variety of micronutrients. Conventionally farmed food is sprayed with artificial fertilizers that force the plant to grow quickly, even in inferior soil. These micronutrients are much more concentrated in organic fruit and veg due also to the fact that they contain a much lower water content.

Phytonutrients & Natural Flavour

Organic produce is rich in naturally occurring compounds known as phytonutrients. These are found in fresh fruit and vegetables and help to fight disease and promote good health. While all fresh produce contains phytonutrients, organic fresh produce contains more than its conventional equivalent. This is due to the fact that all plants produce phytonutrients as part of their natural defence against pests. If a plant is protected from pests by chemicals, there is no need for the plant to make phytonutrients in the same quantities. Also studies have found that when plants take up high levels of nitrogen from the soil, they produce even fewer and less diverse phytonutrients. Conventional crops are liberally sprayed with nitrogen fertilizers to make them grow quickly. Phytonutrients also help to flavour fresh produce in which they occur, so as well as being good for health, high levels of these certain phytonutrients boost the taste factor. Sugar levels are often higher in organic fresh produce also enhancing flavour. This is probably due to the fact that Organic fruit is more likely to be allowed to ripen naturally on the tree, granting more time for flavours and sweetness to develop.

Studies have shown that mature fruit that is picked unripe and allowed to ripen naturally from the trees contain comparable amounts of nutrients and minerals to tree ripened fruit. At Lettuce Deliver we often supply fruit that is mature, but not ripe. This is mainly due to the nature of the transport system. Produce can often be travelling for many hours before it reaches us here in Sydney. Not to mention, we then have to transport these delicate items to you. Supplying you with tree ripened produce all the time is unrealistic also due to the fact that we begin receiving produce as the fruit is mature enough to be picked. This allows you to experience the true seasonal availability of fresh produce in Australia. As the season moves along, the length of time your fruit needs to ripen becomes less. Watching fruit ripen naturally is an excellent learning experience for children and adults who care about the process involved in eating ‘real food’. If you need help ripening any of your fruit please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Hydrogenated fats are oils that have had hydrogen added to them so they become solid or semi-solid at room temperature. They are widely used in the conventional food industry despite the fact that nutritionists all over the world agree that they are a major cofactor in heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. The surest way to limit the amount of hydrogenated fats is to eat organic food – Organic Food regulations prohibit the use of hydrogenated fats.

Balanced Diet

A wholesome Organic diet provides balanced nutrition – including a good range of minerals, nutrients and phytonutrients. Considering the opt for many people to go for ‘fast food’ that is often high in sugars and fats but offering little in terms of nutrition, it is no wonder we are fast approaching an obesity epidemic. The body craves nutrients it lacks and this of course causes people to overeat, yet while eating foods that have little nutritional value they remain malnourished. There is clearly a direct relationship between over-consumption malnutritional trends in countries like Australia and eating non-organic food. Obesity epidemics seem to occur in countries that rely heavily on conventional methods of food production.

Improved Immunity

Studies conducted in New Zealand report that people who follow an organic diet are less likely to get the flu and experienced far fewer colds and catarrhal problems than those not eating organic. Further reported benefits included: clear, healthy skin, improved dental health and excellent general health. There is evidence to support the fact that eating foods high in chemicals actually creates an immune response by the body as it recognizes these foreign entities as poisons. This of course puts a massive and constant strain on the immune system of people eating ‘dead foods’ all the time. Try to eat ‘raw’ fruit or veg with every meal. This assists digestion as well as feeds the body at every sitting with real and available building blocks for life (in particular enzymes).

Increased Fertility

The World Health Organization estimates that the average sperm count for male adults is about 66 million/ml. Two recent studies have shown that men that eat an organic diet have a sperm count on average of between 99 and 127 million/ml. More studies need to be done to confirm these findings, although it is blatantly clear that if looking to conceive the fewer toxic chemicals you have in your body the better.


Good food is important to all of us, but especially for children considering their intake of food per kilo of body weight. Exposure to pesticides through food, homes and gardens can weaken children’s immune systems and impair their physical and mental development. This was clearly reported in a recent study comparing 2 nearby villages in Mexico where everything was the same in the 2 villages, except that one used pesticides and the other didn’t. Pediatric tests revealed that the children in the village using pesticides were less coordinated, artistic and intelligent than children of the same age in the village that did not use pesticides.

Quality of Life

A recent Soil Association survey revealed two unexpected benefits of growing organic produce in addition to the benefits of avoiding exposure to a multitude of chemicals. It found that people who had a regular ‘home delivery’ of certified Organic fruit and vegetables returned to traditional cooking after years of freezer-to-microwave meals. Secondly, once the head cook went to the trouble of cooking traditional meals, he or she started to insist on traditional meal times. So, many of the happy customers of Lettuce Deliver enjoy sitting down to eat together.